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Another Connection Between No Labels and Americans Elect: Michael Bloomberg

Last month we noticed that a number of staffers for Americans Elect (the 501c4 corporation with a goal of electing its own presidential candidate in 2012) had simultaneously “liked” the Facebook pages for Americans Elect and for No Labels (a 501c4 corporation with a goal of affecting the policy discourse in the run-up to the 2012 elections).

Another connection between Americans Elect and No Labels is becoming apparent. Both organizations have attracted the attention (and reportedly the intervention) of the political organization of Michael Bloomberg.

Under its old name of Unity08, Americans Elect shared office space with the Draft Bloomberg Committee. As you can see in IRS documentation here, Unity08 actually made a financial contribution to the Draft Bloomberg Committee. Before that, as far back as the summer of 2007, Unity08 registered a Draft Bloomberg website name while Bloomberg’s political staffers were holding secret meetings with Unity08. Now Michael Bloomberg’s political aide, Kevin Sheekey, reports an interest in using Americans Elect as a vehicle to get Michael Bloomberg on the presidential ballot nationwide.

Against this backdrop, I read Monica Langely’s recent article in the Wall Street Journal with interest. It turns out that the 501c4 group No Labels was created after its two major founders were introduced to one another in a meeting … with Michael Bloomberg political aide Kevin Sheekey.

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