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Three Questions for No Labels News Conference: Will No Labels Answer?

No Labels, a 501c4 corporation with undisclosed donors and plans to influence national politics and contribute to candidates through a PAC, is officially launching itself with a news conference on December 13th. The news conference will be broadcast live via Livestream, and to No Labels’ credit it is soliciting questions for the news conference online.

I take this opportunity seriously and have submitted three questions for No Labels to answer in the news conference. They are:

1. No Labels is a Section 501(c)(4) organization, and as such is not required to disclose its donors. Will No Labels publicly disclose its donor list voluntarily? If so, when and by what means?

2. Has there been any formal or informal contact between leaders or employees of No Labels and leaders or employees of Americans Elect, another 501(c)(4) organization with aims to influence national politics? If so, please explain the nature and extent of this contact.

3. Three terms often used in No Labels’ promotional materials are “unity,” “common sense,” and “forward.” Could you define these terms operationally? In other words, how would an average American be able to recognize a policy of “unity,” a “common sense” policy, or a “forward” policy when they saw it?

I will be watching the news conference to see whether No Labels answers these questions, and of course to see what else No Labels has to say.

If you have questions for No Labels, I encourage you to register your question with No Labels (using a pseudonym and your spam-catching e-mail account if you prefer to remain private), and then to post your questions here in the comments section. That way, we can all see whether No Labels is interested in answering the questions put to it by the American people.

One thought on “Three Questions for No Labels News Conference: Will No Labels Answer?”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    The answer is no. No Labels didn’t answer my questions. More than that, No Labels did not answer a single question submitted to it during its three-hour-long public event.

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