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Americans Elect – No Labels Connection Confirmed by Communications Manager Nick Troiano

An entire 727 people across the nation are watching a No Labels rollout right now, most of them mocking the event on Twitter.

Americans Elect and No Labels are two 501c4 corporations using obscure sources of money and power to interfere in American politics. Americans Elect aims to elect its very own President of the United States in 2012. No Labels plans to organize in all 435 congressional districts and use PAC contributions to sway elections in 2012. Neither corporation has to disclose the identity of its donors.

Connections between Americans Elect and No Labels have been hinted at before today. For instance, there are the multiple Americans Elect staffers who “liked” the Facebook pages for Americans Elect and No Labels on the same day. Then there’s the Michael Bloomberg connection: No Labels was formed after a meeting arranged by Michael Bloomberg political aide Kevin Sheekey. The same Kevin Sheekey indicates interest in using Americans Elect to get Michael Bloomberg on the ballot for President.

But those are speculative connections between No Labels and Americans Elect. Today an actual, observable connection between the two groups has popped up.

Look at IRS filings disclosing Americans Elect expenditures before it converted itself into no-disclosure mode: Nick Troiano is the paid Communications Manager for Americans Elect.

What is Nick Troiano up to today?

Americans Elect Communications Manager Nick Troiano worked the social media desk at the No Labels Conference on December 13, 2010

After I tweeted the Americans Elect Communications Manager to thank him for confirming the existence of a connection between Americans Elect and No Labels, he wrote back to let me know that he’s “just volunteering” in his social media work for No Labels:

Americans Elect Communications Manager Says He's "Just Volunteering" When He Does Social Media Work for No Labels

Of course, at the beginning of the day No Labels announced that its public launch was an “all-volunteer event,” leading one to wonder how many “volunteers” and from what sources it would take to coordinate so many details and make such a slick, widely-covered media event.

This is a connection, the third connection that’s come up and the most concrete one yet. Given what they are planning to do to American politics, and given their no-disclosure status, Americans Elect and No Labels need to explain the extent and nature of their connection.

No Labels promised a week ago to air questions that were submitted to it. One of the questions I submitted to No Labels:

Has there been any formal or informal contact between leaders or employees of No Labels and leaders or employees of Americans Elect, another 501(c)(4) organization with aims to influence national politics? If so, please explain the nature and extent of this contact.

Now, more than three hours into No Labels’ PR event, it has not aired a single question posed by anyone unconnected to the No Labels movement. Nick Troiano’s working at the No Labels social media desk. He could send the question on. He could help No Labels keep its promise. I’ve asked him again to do it. I sure hope he does it.

Update: He didn’t. No Labels did not take a single question during the event. Instead, the group finished up with a sing-along.

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