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FYI: January 15 FBI Protest Postponed

UPDATE, 12/15/2010: Thanks to the resourceful Ross, we know now that this protest has been postponed and will probably happen some time later this year.

In a handful of places on the web there’s a banner announcing a protest in Washington DC on January 15 against FBI intimidation of anti-war activists:

Is a January 15, 2011 Protest against FBI intimidation of political activists in Washington DC going to happen?  Where is the direct source?

If this event occurred, I would be happy to spread the word about it. But I’m suspicious. Notice the typo and the lack of a scheduled time? Also odd is that if you check out the websites for the groups listed, none of them show any promotion of this January 15 protest event, at least none that I can find.

Is this a protest that was canceled? Is it a bait-and-switch by anti-activists set to confuse civil libertarians? Or is the protest for real?

If you have the answer, please let me know.

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