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Irregular Times Donation: Maine Green Independent Party

Whenever we sell a Made in the USA Sweatshop-Free T-Shirt, we who write for Irregular Times set aside a dollar to give to a worthy liberal political cause. Earlier this month, we made a donation to the Green Party USA to support its work in developing a viable non-corporate third-party alternative to the all-corporate Republican Party and the mostly-corporate Democratic Party. This time around, we’re going local and giving to the Maine Green Independent Party. Of all the state Green Parties, it is one of the most successful, with a vibrant longstanding presence in the city government of Portland, Maine and the election of Green Ben Chipman to the Maine State Legislature last month. We hope the MGIP will continue its work and become even more successful in the future.

3 thoughts on “Irregular Times Donation: Maine Green Independent Party”

  1. Ross says:

    Hey, great donation! And thanks for posting a link to my interview. Did you listen to it?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Listening to it now. Hope you don’t mind — I plan to transcribe it a bit and post the text with a link to your audio. Thanks for doing the work of the interview.

      1. Ross says:

        That would be great! Thanks. Daniel Surman is also planning on posting something at about it, although I don’t know how much of it he’s transcribing.

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