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Krampus Campaigns For Obama 2012

It’s now Christmas Eve, which means that the Christian majority here in the United States of America is set to celebrate, and to bring the entire nation into a systematic pause along with that celebration. That means a delay in the start to the 2012 presidential campaign, right?

Wrong. There’s one ardent campaigner out there who refuses to accept that a religious holiday can force him to relent in pursuing his agenda. His name is Krampus, the ancient European trickster deity who is the primal force behind the Yule holiday (the original in irregular times).

Krampus doesn’t accept the ordinary rules that bind the rest of us to a relatively ordinary existence. If convention dictates that political campaigning stop for a holiday season, that’s just when Krampus will take up a political cause in earnest. If there’s a political candidate who has fallen out of favor, that’s just the candidate who will be endorsed by Krampus.

So, it ought to come as no surprise to find Krampus forging a path through the morning’s fresh snow as he roams the land as the first official grassroots activist for the re-election of Barack Obama in 2012. Will Krampus come knocking at your door, urging you to vote for the Obama-Biden ticket? Perhaps.

Until you catch sight of Krampus and his Obama campaign sign, you can help him in his work of promoting the 2012 Obama campaign from an unusual angle. Start by placing a Krampus for Obama lapel sticker on your Krampus for Obama t-shirt, right next to your Krampus for Obama campaign button.

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