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UK Now a Secular Majority, Christian Minority Nation

A nod of the nose to Secular News Daily for tipping me off to the results of the 2009 British Social Attitudes survey, just released this month.

Back in 1985, 63% of respondents to the BSA identified themselves as Christian, with 32% indicating that they subscribed to no religion at all and 5% saying that they subscribed to a non-Christian religion. 24 years later in 2009, slightly less than 44% of respondents to the BSA identified themselves as Christian. Slightly more than 50%, a slim majority, indicated that they subscribe to no religion at all, and 5% say they subscribe to a non-Christian religion.

As Christians move into minority status, they should be thankful for the development of legal institutions that guarantee freedom of religion. It becomes less and less accurate every year to depict Western culture as a Christian culture; the common aspect of religious tolerance allows the dwindling set of Christians to continue to practice as freely as they wish.

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