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For Real Grassroots Peace Demonstrations, Check Out

A tip of the pen to qs for directing me to, a piece of web infrastructure that allows any ol’ person to declare an anti-war demonstration and allows anyone else to build support for that demonstration by either sharing the information or signing up to attend it personally.

This is a grassrootsier approach to anti-war activism than the typical United For Peace and Justice demonstration planned by a coalition of interlocked semiprofessional anti-war organizations, or the perennial ANSWER rallies that use anti-war sentiment as a recruiting tool for various preset socialist causes. Both use bloc recruitment to bring in the crowds, making pitches to organizations that sign on and bring along their members. The UFPJ and ANSWER protests have their place, but it’s important to recognize that they’re meso-level rather than truly ground-up actions.

Will the approach work? Well, that depends on the commitment level of the grassroots.

One thought on “For Real Grassroots Peace Demonstrations, Check Out”

  1. Ross says:

    Cool. I signed up.

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