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CBS News Terrorist Threat Turned Out To Be Total Bull

Back on December 25, I wrote about how CBS News reporter Bob Orr had predicted that a terrorist attack would take place during the winter holiday season. “Terror Threat Looms Over U.S. Holidays” was the headline.

The reality behind the headline is that there was no particular evidence for any plans for any terrorist attack anywhere in the United States in connection with any winter holiday. Supposed “terrorism experts”, people who make their living by keeping people frightened of the possibility of terrorist attacks, had merely guessed that, if they were terrorists, they would attack during the winter holidays.

Now, the winter holiday season is over. Yes, there will still be a few holidays, like President’s Day, in what remains of winter, but they won’t be winter holidays, and they won’t create the major disruptions in normal American life that the holidays specially associated with the end of December do. So, now we have facts with which to examine the claim made by the terrorism experts cited by Bob Orr.

There wasn’t a single terrorist attack in the United States over the winter holidays. No one in the USA got even a wedgie from Al Queda. There was no threat looming over our country, other than the one invented by Bob Orr and his so-called terrorism experts.

2 thoughts on “CBS News Terrorist Threat Turned Out To Be Total Bull”

  1. Tom says:

    C’mon – you don’t want to ruin the “all fear all the time” agenda of the politicos and media to keep us distracted from the corporate takeover of what was once “our” government and the protection/financial bailout of the banksters and the top 1% wealthy at all costs do you? Why that might be unpatriotic or “terroristic” in today’s jargon. You watch your ass mister, or it might just be Guantanamo or Bagram for your next “vacation.”

  2. Tom says:

    And here’s a problem right before our very eyes that is almost certain to cause real problems:

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