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#4 Way to Make Things Better: Save Seeds

How can you preserve the environment by reducing trucking and grow the economy by freeing up money at the same time? By saving seeds from last year’s garden and planting in them in the spring, that’s how. By drying your seeds, saving them over the winter and planting them in the fall, you’ll be creating the real, measurable wealth of food that doesn’t rely on anything but the rain and sun falling from the sky.

Beware some hybrid plant varieties when you look for seeds to save: hybrids grow vigorously but are often infertile. If you don’t have a good source of “heirloom” fertile vegetables in the town where you live, check out Seed Savers, which maintains a stock of some 500 varieties from which you can get started at a low cost. Next year, you won’t have to pay a penny, which will leave you free to invest in a greater personal or social good.

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