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Evangelists Say Environmentalism Is Satanic

For years now, the apologetic Christian left has been saying that the newest environmental leadership will come from within Christianity, from right wing evangelists. It’s a mistake to dismiss the role of religion in environmentalism, and think that a bunch of secularists and scientists will lead the way, they’ve advised us. Green evangelists are the future, they said.

So, we’ve been waiting to see these supposed environmentalist evangelists step up, play their part, and actually do something. There hasn’t been any sign of a Campus Crusade for Conservation… until now.

Finally, after years of inaction, evangelists have taken action on the environment. Unfortunately, they’ve done so by attacking environmentalism. An evangelist group calling itself the Cornwall Alliance has created a movie called Resisting The Green Dragon.

The movie accuses environmentalists of taking part in a new, wicked religion that leads to worship of Satan. Attacking environmentalism, says the Cornwall Alliance, is a part of a broader effort to “resist the Devil”.

Environmentalists are all supposed to be part of a plan concocted by a reptilian demon sent by Satan, you see. The satanic plan we’re accused of working for is to spread evil by encouraging people to take care of life on Earth. We ought to be working to bring about the End Times, and the righteous destruction of everything we care about, I suppose, but as an environmentalist, the end of the world doesn’t sound like a very good idea to me.

4 thoughts on “Evangelists Say Environmentalism Is Satanic”

  1. Tom says:

    Here’s why environmentalism, left to government, is evil – an example in my own state:

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Tom, that’s not governmental environmentalism. It’s government anti-environmentalism, a failure of government to protect the environment. And while you declare that leaving environmentalism to the government is evil, who else should be trusted to protect the environment in this case? In the case of the heavy-metal poisoned waters extracted by natural gas corporations from the fractured Marcellus shale under Pennsylvania (the sort of thing you might want explain a bit more about in your comments), it’s impossible for individual citizens to protect the safety of the rivers into which this poisoned water is being dumped. Individual citizens have no authority over river water, and they can’t so much as step foot onto the sites where corporations are doing the drilling, fracturing of shale (“fracking”) and extracting. The corporations can’t be trusted to regulate themselves — their inhuman mandate is to maximize profit and minimize bother. It’s the reasonable role of government to exercise regulation to protect Americans from being poisoned by fracking corporations. It’s the role of the people to get involved to make sure that the government takes on its role responsibly, without corruption.

      Thanks for the link. It reminds me of the good work being done by activists in Pennsylvania on the issue. I think I’ll write a little update about that today. Since you are in the state, you have a voice in this, Tom. I hope you get involved.

  2. Tom says:

    i’m involved as i can be – write the state senators, gov. and such to voice my displeasure; but you see how the corporate influenced government (which is what i meant above) bends the rules, changes the rules, doesn’t apply the rules, invents the rules as they go along (take your pick, corporate world uses them all to get what they want) to allow this kind of crap in FIRST, then the onus is on the citizenry to object, make sure the laws are enforced (by communicating about it, protesting, bringing it to the attention of others – hopefully with the help of the media) and make it stop. Government anti-environmentalism is alive and well (and killing us).

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