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Americans Elect Updates: Arizona, Nevada and Ohio

Americans Elect, the 501c4 corporation with plans to nominate its own candidates for President and Vice President of the United States, has been busy through the Christmas season while the rest of us have been sipping egg nog.

In Arizona, Americans Elect has registered as a political committee with an official status below the a $500 reporting threshold. According to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, Americans Elect’s persistence below the $500 threshold is an indication that the group has spent less than $500 in the state of Arizona and has also gathered less than $500 there. Once Americans Elect spend or gathers $500 or more in Arizona, it must submit a revised registration as a political committee with reporting requirements; if this happens notification of the date of change should appear here. This report of American Elect’s quiescence in Arizona is at odds with anecdotes and reports of Americans Elect petition-gathering activities in Arizona, which quickly would climb above $500 in cost.

As Ballot Access News reports, the Americans Elect of Nevada turned in three times the number of signatures required for it to fully qualify as a political party in the state of Nevada, able to run candidates for political office. Until these signatures are reviewed and approved, Americans Elect will continue to be listed as a political party without ballot access. This is apparently the furthest along Americans Elect has progressed in the ballot access process in any state; last month in Michigan, Americans Elect received permission to begin gathering signatures there.

In Ohio, Americans Elect has filed an amendment to its original registration as a corporation doing business in the state. Previously, it had indicated doing business in the state through the corporate law giant Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur in Columbus, but has registered a new principal place of business, in an office suite in the Cincinnati exurb of West Chester.

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