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New Title for Kahlil Byrd: Party Coordinator of Americans Elect. So What?

In his time with the combined corporation and political party called Americans Elect, Kahlil Byrd has held a number of titles: Director, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief Operating Officer, Custodian of Records, and Consultant.

According to documents produced by the Michigan Secretary of State, Byrd has added a new title to his resume: “Party Coordinator”:

Michigan Secretary of State January 3 2012 declaration indicating that Americans Elect is seeking status as a political party, and that Kahlil Byrd is acting as Political Party Coordinator.

So what? Why does this matter?

This matters because Americans Elect seeks to elect its very own President and Vice President of the United States of America in 2012. It matters because Americans Elect is registered as a 501c4 organization that allows it to hide the identities of its contributors and the size of the contributions they have made. It matters because 501c4 organizations like Americans Elect are not allowed to have political activities as their primary purpose. It matters because, in the context of a statement of purpose that is entirely political, the self-declaration of Americans Elect as a political party with Kahlil Byrd as Party Coordinator makes it official: Americans Elect and its leadership appear simultaneously reaping the 501c4 status benefit of non-disclosure and the political party benefit of direct involvement in elections, regardless of regulations that seem to make this impermissible.

Can Americans Elect have its cake and eat it too? Will Americans Elect manage to stage a political campaign of its very own while completely hiding the identity, number and nature of its backers? Stay tuned as the future supplies the answer. Despite my repeated attempts at communication with Americans Elect, the corporation remains mum.

2 thoughts on “New Title for Kahlil Byrd: Party Coordinator of Americans Elect. So What?”

  1. Anne Turner says:

    Have you found any further information about this organization. An article written by American Thinker seems to think it is funded by the radical left and is trying to destroy our electoral system.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      See our series of articles on Americans Elect, listed chronologically here:

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