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Bill Against American Citizenship Has Little Border Support

A couple weeks ago, Steve King, a U.S. Representative from Iowa, introduced a bill called the Birthright Citizenship Act – H.R. 140. This legislation would take American citizenship away from children who have lived their entire lives in the United States. Why? Because those children are descended from foreigners.

Of course, ultimately, almost all Americans are descended from foreigners. So, what’s the big deal?

Congressman King says that these babies are a border security issue, but then, King’s district isn’t anywhere near the border with Mexico. In fact, most of the members of Congress who have signed their names to Steve King’s anti-citizenship legislation don’t represent congressional districts on the border with Mexico.

As the following map, from Bill Maps, shows, most of the U.S. border is represented by politicians who don’t support Steve King’s legislation. Only a little area of Southern California has any U.S. Representatives on the border with Mexico who favor King’s proposed law to take childrens’ citizenship away.

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