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#20 Way to Exasperate a Liberal: Demand Obama’s Kindergarten Records

There’s critical inquiry, and then there’s obsession.

What’s the latest reason America’s right wing has dreamed up to toss President Barack Obama out of office? The website at supplies a new piece of evidence for his foreign illegitimacy:

“Barack Hussein Obama has NEVER released his kindergarten records.”

That’s right, the line in the sand has moved again: the failure of President Obama to supply the public his kindergarten records is the latest evidence of a secret conspiracy hatched in 1959 to insert a foreigner into the White House.

I’ve been a bit unfair in that characterization, I must admit. There’s another piece of evidence for Barack Obama’s foreign birth that the WeHateAmerica crew has dreamed up:

“Barack Hussein Obama has NEVER released his adoption records.”

You may say that’s because Barack Obama was not adopted — but that’s what Obama would want you to say, isn’t it?

Laugh. It’s easier than crying.

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