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Three Thousand Item Liberal State Activist Catalog

As of today, we have passed the milestone of three thousand items for sale in a catalog of political activist gear for liberals in each of the 50 states. We call this collection Irregular States. It includes political bumper stickers, campaign buttons, and liberal t-shirts that focus on state-level activism.

john thune is a hoaxThe three thousandth item in this still-growing catalog was a bumper sticker inspired by this morning’s news that U.S. Senator and possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate John Thune had signed his name to legislation that admits that global warming is a problem, but blocks the government from doing anything to solve the problem.

The bumper sticker reads: Global warming is real. John Thune is a hoax.

One thought on “Three Thousand Item Liberal State Activist Catalog”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The best sticker I ever saw was the one that insulted pretty much everone…”If You ain’t retarded, Nuke unborn female gay black Wet Backs for Allah on the Soltice while BBQing fur seal burgers. Cause everyone needs to be pissed on as if they were in drag.”

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