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728,838 in Fort Worth Raise Their Thumbs in Massive Coordinated Effort

American Family Association’s “One News Now,” December 16 2010:

“Millions of people are good without God,” declare signs on city buses in Ft. Worth, Texas. The signs were purchased by local atheists.
In response, two Christian businessmen sponsored ads on vans that follow the buses around the city bearing the message, “I still love you – God.” An additional line says, “2.1 billion Christians are good with God.”
Heath Hill, one of the men responsible for the van ads, said, “Ninety-nine percent of the people in Ft. Worth have honked and given thumbs up. We’ve had a few e-mails and letters written in support, but we’ve also gotten some pretty nasty e-mails.” Hill said he sees the controversy as an opportunity to share God’s love.

Undoubtedly it’s also an opportunity to drum up some business, Lime Media, of which Heath Hill is President:

Lime Media of Garland owns the mobile billboard truck.

Lime Media owns a fleet of trucks used for billboard-style advertising throughout the Dallas-metro area.

Heath Hill Gets Gonzo Free Advertising for his Lime Media business when he speaks for God.

But let’s give Heath Hill some props for his campaign, which is wildly successful beyond any level seen in a media campaign before. He clearly knows what he’s doing if 99% of the people of Fort Worth have lined up to raise their thumbs to his truck. That’s 728,838 people, all working together in coordinated fashion, all inspired… by a truck! Did Barack Obama get 728,838 people in the room for his State of the Union address? Noooo. Heck, did Jesus get 728,838 people to show up for his Sermon on the Mount? Noooooo! You’ve got some truck there, Heath Hill.

One thought on “728,838 in Fort Worth Raise Their Thumbs in Massive Coordinated Effort”

  1. Anonymous says:

    …your distain for anything that deals with God can reach no bounds….so sad for you…

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