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Teavangelicalism, Brought to you by the GOP

The fundamentalist Christian American Family Association reports on its burgeoning “Rise of the Teavangelicals”…

A Teavangelical -- Tea Party Christian Evangelical -- pictured on the front of the AFA Journal (American Family Association) of February 2011

… brought to you with funding from the Republican National Committee:

This Teavangelical's sign at a "Tea Party" rally was paid for by the Republican National Committee -- the leadership organization of the Republican Party in the United States.

3 comments to Teavangelicalism, Brought to you by the GOP

  • Anonymous

    …so what…the GOP believes in God and progressives, on the most part don’t….

  • Tom

    What ever happened to the separation of church and state? In fact what happened to habeus corpus and the rule of law (why is it that the big banks get REWARDED for HUGE fraudulent behavior while the typical man on the street can’t?)

    As usual, Anonymous, your ignorance is showing through your response. What if you believe in God but don’t want the Republicans telling you what to believe or how to believe or which church to believe? What if you are Buddhist (to whom a creator deity is irrelevant)?

    For atheists and agnostics it’s no different – politicians should stick to politics and stay out of our religious (or lack thereof) life.

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