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One thought on “#31 Way to Exasperate a Liberal: Rake in Millions in NFL Profit, Pay Sweatshop Workers Pennies”

  1. Tom says:

    Notice these same wages, slowly but surely are making it in to the corporate overlord’s plan for HERE too eventually. As the cost of living (due to ever more scarce resources, higher shipping costs, etc.) increases, but your wages remain the same year after year, eventually you’ll have the same situation. “Oh, it can’t happen here!” Yeah? Just wait and see.

    Why do you think there’s so much unrest in the recent middle eastern countries in the news of late? They are the “canaries in the coal mine” so to speak, suffering from a great gap between the ownership class and everyone else. Their purchasing power has dropped considerably while their wages are either frozen or gone from lack of jobs, while the prices of STAPLE goods like bread, meat and vegetables has TRIPLED!

    The environment will see to it that food shortages will become MORE prevalent all over the world due to unpredictable weather patterns, erratic and more violent storms, and flooding and drought conditions being exacerbated from all the CO2 and other “greenhouse” gases we continue to dump into the atmosphere, creating the same mix of chemicals there that were present when the earth had little to no life (it was in a volcanic phase back then), before it was all naturally washed out and sequestered. Peak Oil (and many other necessities like potable water and rich topsoil) will see to it that prices will continue to climb ever higher for these basics, while the financial mess continues to degrade the purchasing power of the currency.

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