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Republicans who Voted Against Patriot Act Reauthorization February 8 2011

Expect the following individuals to be the subject of a number of interviews and the target of a lot of recriminations from Republican Party leadership. These members of the House of Representatives, all Republicans, defied their party leadership to vote NO, AGAINST H.R. 514, the bill to reauthorize crucial provisions of the Patriot Act:

Justin Amash of Michigan
Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland
Rob Bishop of Utah
Paul Broun of Georgia
John Campbell of California
John Duncan of Tennessee
Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Chris Gibson of New York
Tom Graves of Georgia
Dean Heller of Nevada
Randy Hultgren of Illinois
Timothy Johnson of Illinois
Walter Jones of North Carolina
Jack Kingston of Georgia
Raul Labrador of Idaho
Connie Mack of Florida
Kenny Marchant of Texas
Tom McClintock of California
Ron Paul of Texas
Denny Rehberg of Montana
Phil Roe of Tennessee
Dana Rohrabacher of California
Bobby Schilling of Illinois
David Schweikert of Arizona
Rob Woodall of Georgia
Don Young of Alaska

Source: Roll Call for H.R. 514

Thanks to the votes of these members (and the NO votes of 122 Democrats, it should also be mentioned), there will be at least some debate regarding the Patriot Act and civil liberties in the 112th Congress. John Boehner’s rubber stamp has a crack in it, but make no mistake: tomorrow they will feel the impact of that cracked stamp as it is brought down upon their heads. The Republicans who dared to vote NO deserve no small consideration for their political courage.

As for the rest of the Republican Party in the House — the more than 90% of GOP members of Congress who voted FOR Patriot Act reauthorization without markup, without amendments, with no committee vote, and with no more than 40 minutes debate — well, how can they say they’re for procedural fairness? How can they say they stand for freedom? How can they say they support the Constitution, they who made such a show of reading it dramatically last month?

One thought on “Republicans who Voted Against Patriot Act Reauthorization February 8 2011”

  1. Tom says:

    Here’s a typical example of “our” representatives:

    which starts out with the caption:

    Tenn. GOP lawmaker credits Hooters for success

    So THAT’s how they become informed on the many complicated, often scientific, issues facing the country. And off they go to “vote” on climate change legislation (of which they’re of course experts), foreign policy (because, you know working at Hooter’s gives her experience with middle eastern culture and all . . .) and on and on.

    Politics is nothing more than a popularity contest that has no correlation whatsoever to these clueless clowns’ expertise in the varied and complex systems dynamics of ANY of the issues with which they’re dealing. This is why the Koch brothers can buy this:

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