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Tea Party Express Endorsed Them. How Did they Vote on the Patriot Act 2-8-11?

Yesterday, we noted for the record how many members of the Tea Party Caucus voted for and against H.R. 514 (reauthorization of the Patriot Act) on February 8, 2011. The outcome was not favorable for an organization claiming to represent a Tea Party movement that is concerned about upholding the Constitution: 38 members of Congress who had signed up for the Tea Party Caucus voted for the Patriot Act, only 8 Tea Party Caucus members voted against the Patriot Act… and then there was Rep. Doug Lamborn, a member of the Tea Party Caucus who didn’t even show up to cast a vote.

However, there is more than one way of measuring who is and who isn’t a “Tea Party” member of Congress. We could also go by the 2010 congressional election endorsement list of Tea Party Express. It should be noted that this “Tea Party Express” is a Republican Party front organization, but if the Tea Party Express really expresses the spirit of the Tea Party Movement — and if we take the Tea Party movement’s declarations against big government intrusion seriously — then its all-Republican list of 83 elected endorsees should have leaned heavily against the reauthorization of the Patriot Act on February 8 of this year. After all, in its rhetoric the Tea Party Express wholeheartedly embraced opposition to…

…government intervention in the lives of American families and businesses. These Members of Congress have infringed upon the freedom of the individual in this great nation, and its time for us to say: “Enough is Enough!”

But talk is cheap. What actually happened when it was time for members of Congress? What did the endorsees of the Tea Party Express actually do when asked to reauthorize the USA Patriot Act, which empowers government agents to violate the Fourth Amendment when they carry out sneak-and-peek searches of Americans’ homes and offices without probable cause, or carry out ongoing surveillance without any warrants or even suspicion of wrongdoing, on the basis of Americans’ protected First Amendment speech and political assembly? When it came time to act, not just to talk, did members of Congress endorsed by Tea Party Express stand with or against big government?

Members of Congress Endorsed by Tea Party Express in the 2010 Elections who voted FOR reauthorization of Patriot Act provisions on February 8 2011:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (Republican-MN, District 6) — Yea
Rep. Lou Barletta (Republican-PA, District 11) — Yea
Rep. Charles Bass (Republican-NH, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Dan Benishek (Republican-MI, District 1) — Yea
Rep. Rick Berg (Republican-ND, District 0) — Yea
Rep. Brian Bilbray (Republican-CA, District 50) — Yea
Rep. Ken Calvert (Republican-CA, District 44) — Yea
Rep. David Camp (Republican-MI, District 4) — Yea
Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (Republican-WV, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Steven Chabot (Republican-OH, District 1) — Yea
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Republican-UT, District 3) — Yea
Rep. Mike Coffman (Republican-CO, District 6) — Yea
Rep. Tom Cole (Republican-OK, District 4) — Yea
Rep. Chip Cravaack (Republican-MN, District 8 ) — Yea
Rep. Jeff Denham (Republican-CA, District 19) — Yea
Rep. Charles Dent (Republican-PA, District 15) — Yea
Rep. Jeffrey Fortenberry (Republican-NE, District 1) — Yea
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (Republican-NJ, District 11) — Yea
Rep. Elton Gallegly (Republican-CA, District 24) — Yea
Rep. Cory Gardner (Republican-CO, District 4) — Yea
Rep. Jim Gerlach (Republican-PA, District 6) — Yea
Rep. Bob Gibbs (Republican-OH, District 18) — Yea
Rep. Paul Gosar (Republican-AZ, District 1) — Yea
Rep. Frank Guinta (Republican-NH, District 1) — Yea
Rep. Doc Hastings (Republican-WA, District 4) — Yea
Rep. Joe Heck (Republican-NV, District 3) — Yea
Rep. Walter Herger (Republican-CA, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Tim Huelskamp (Republican-KS, District 1) — Yea
Rep. Bill Huizenga (Republican-MI, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Duncan Hunter (Republican-CA, District 52) — Yea
Rep. Lynn Jenkins (Republican-KS, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Bill Johnson (Republican-OH, District 6) — Yea
Rep. Mike Kelly (Republican-PA, District 3) — Yea
Rep. John Kline (Republican-MN, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Leonard Lance (Republican-NJ, District 7) — Yea
Rep. James Lankford (Republican-OK, District 5) — Yea
Rep. Jerry Lewis (Republican-CA, District 41) — Yea
Rep. Frank LoBiondo (Republican-NJ, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Frank Lucas (Republican-OK, District 3) — Yea
Rep. Cynthia Lummis (Republican-WY, District 0) — Yea
Rep. Daniel Lungren (Republican-CA, District 3) — Yea
Rep. Thomas Marino (Republican-PA, District 10) — Yea
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Republican-CA, District 22) — Yea
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (Republican-MI, District 11) — Yea
Rep. Howard McKeon (Republican-CA, District 25) — Yea
Rep. David McKinley (Republican-WV, District 1) — Yea
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Republican-WA, District 5) — Yea
Rep. Patrick Meehan (Republican-PA, District 7) — Yea
Rep. Candice Miller (Republican-MI, District 10) — Yea
Rep. Gary Miller (Republican-CA, District 42) — Yea
Rep. Devin Nunes (Republican-CA, District 21) — Yea
Rep. Erik Paulsen (Republican-MN, District 3) — Yea
Rep. Stevan Pearce (Republican-NM, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Mike Pompeo (Republican-KS, District 4) — Yea
Rep. Ben Quayle (Republican-AZ, District 3) — Yea
Rep. Jim Renacci (Republican-OH, District 16) — Yea
Rep. Michael Rogers (Republican-MI, District 8 ) — Yea
Rep. Edward Royce (Republican-CA, District 40) — Yea
Rep. Jon Runyan (Republican-NJ, District 3) — Yea
Rep. Michael Simpson (Republican-ID, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Adrian Smith (Republican-NE, District 3) — Yea
Rep. Christopher Smith (Republican-NJ, District 4) — Yea
Rep. Steve Stivers (Republican-OH, District 15) — Yea
Rep. John Sullivan (Republican-OK, District 1) — Yea
Rep. Lee Terry (Republican-NE, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Patrick Tiberi (Republican-OH, District 12) — Yea
Rep. Scott Tipton (Republican-CO, District 3) — Yea
Rep. Frederick Upton (Republican-MI, District 6) — Yea
Rep. Timothy Walberg (Republican-MI, District 7) — Yea
Rep. Greg Walden (Republican-OR, District 2) — Yea
Rep. Kevin Yoder (Republican-KS, District 3) — Yea

Members of Congress Endorsed by Tea Party Express in the 2010 Elections who voted AGAINST reauthorization of Patriot Act provisions on February 8 2011:

Rep. Justin Amash (Republican-MI, District 3) — Nay
Rep. Rob Bishop (Republican-UT, District 1) — Nay
Rep. John Campbell (Republican-CA, District 48) — Nay
Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick (Republican-PA, District 8 ) — Nay
Rep. Dean Heller (Republican-NV, District 2) — Nay
Rep. Raúl Labrador (Republican-ID, District 1) — Nay
Rep. Tom McClintock (Republican-CA, District 4) — Nay
Rep. Dennis Rehberg (Republican-MT, District 0) — Nay
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (Republican-CA, District 46) — Nay
Rep. David Schweikert (Republican-AZ, District 5) — Nay

The numbers don’t lie: we have 71 Tea Party Express endorsees FOR the Patriot Act and only 10 Tea Party Express endorsees AGAINST the Patriot Act. Two more — Rep. Scott Garrett (Republican-NJ, District 5) and Rep. Doug Lamborn (Republican-CO, District 5) — didn’t bother to show up on the floor and cast a vote at all. I have no idea where Doug Lamborn was. Scott Garrett was catching some rays in Florida.

The ten endorsees of the Tea Party Express who walked the talk of opposition to big government should be recognized for their consistent choice. The other 88% should be facing some difficult and direct questions from constituents who took their campaign rhetoric seriously.

One thought on “Tea Party Express Endorsed Them. How Did they Vote on the Patriot Act 2-8-11?”

  1. Isabelle Kelly says:

    Proves they are not who they say, shows they approve of the Govt. controlling our lives. They really are simply anti Obama and their reason is obvious to any one who thinks.

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