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Next Patriot Act Reauthorization Vote: 2/14/2011. Make a Call Today.

Get FISA Right tips us off that the House of Representatives will be voting on final passage of H.R. 514 this Monday. That’s tomorrow, folks. H.R. 514 is the bill that reauthorizes core provisions of the Patriot Act. While the government tells us that the Patriot Act is all about catching rascally terrorists, only one half of one percent of the uses of Patriot Act powers are in terrorism cases. The government is ignoring the Fourth Amendment — and pursuing people based on their use of the First Amendment — for reasons that have nothing to do with terrorism.

If that makes you angry, and it should, then find the phone number of your U.S. Representative and call his or her voice mail right now with this simple message:


I’m going to do that right now. Will you do the same?

7 thoughts on “Next Patriot Act Reauthorization Vote: 2/14/2011. Make a Call Today.”

  1. David C says:

    I’m a conservative Ron Pauler but stand with you on this issure. Maybe we can find other common ground?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I don’t doubt it. Conservative-liberal is not the only axis of thought in the universe!

  2. Ross says:

    I called Allyson Schwartz but couldn’t get through to either of her offices.

    David C – there’s a lot of common ground for people like us. Cutting the “defense” budget, getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq and Yemen and Pakistan and countries where we have military bases, ending the drug war, for instance.

  3. Tom says:

    Ross, Jim and David, if i may add a few: they could invest in clean, renewable energy; the electrical grid needs a LOT of work; they could pay for their own health care before making ours so expensive; get corporations and lobbyists out of our government; make elections publicly funded; trim the bureaucracy; make the Wall Streeters and Big Banks pay back the money they stole from us; stop funding dictatorships all over the world; close some of the way-too-many military bases we have the world over; seriously start looking into climate change legislation to cut down on the overpollution of the planet; lose the homeland security grope-fest/radiation-blast and do it Israeli-style; invest in good paying jobs (since the private sector isn’t or won’t); close all the tax loopholes for corporations and make them pay for all their pollution; stop the subsidies to Big Agriculture, Oil, etc.; prosecute the fraudsters who engineered this financial fiasco we’re in and get that money back so they can stop the printing of fiat currency day and night; prosecute Bush Jr and all the neocons who misappropriated power and money to back their cronies (Halliburton, Bechtel, et al) with no-bid contracts, lied to us to bring us into the Iraq (and now Afghanistan and Pakistan) War, and dismantled the Constitution (who ever heard of “signing statements” before Bush?); prosecute the mercenaries and other “contractors” who bilked the government for billions while in Iraq and reclaim all the money used in funding these goon-squads, phony contractors, and fraudulent military suppliers (billing us for $200 hammers, $300 toilet seats, etc.).

    1. David C says:

      I’ll join hands with liberals/progressives to end the Patriot Act, torture, endless wars.

      Any opinions on Agenda 21 and property rights?

      1. Ross says:

        I don’t know what Agenda 21 is, but I’m not sure how environmentalism turned into an ideological and partisan issue.

  4. Tom says:

    Speaking of ending our (as will be pointed out below)RIDICULOUS war in Afghanistan:

    We’re funding BOTH SIDES of the war!!!

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