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Repeal the Patriot Act Protest: March 12 at Noon in DC

Here at Irregular Times, we’ve heard a lot of talk about the Patriot Act over the last week as the House and then the Senate. Talk, talk, talk:

“People need to flood DC and protest the Patriot Act until it is repealed.”
“What happened in Egypt needs to happen in America.”
“I’m down for a March on Washington”
“Do we need to show them we mean business?”
“Maybe Americans will be inspired by Egypt too and protest the Patriot Act illegally tramping on our rights”
“In the US looking for something to protest today? Try the Patriot Act”

People have been talking about the problems of the Patriot Act for years. But at some point talk must give way to action. If you believe it’s time for the people to descend on DC in protest against the Patriot Act, then let’s stop talking about it and, gosh darn it, let’s do it, and let’s get it done pronto, before the 90 days of “review” are up and the Patriot Act is extended yet again.

Place: On the National Mall, on the West side of the Capitol Building, Washington, DC
Date: Saturday, March 12
Time: Noon

If at least 100 people pledge on this Facebook page to assemble for a protest against the Patriot Act — on the West side of the Capitol Building in Washington DC at Noon on Saturday March 12 — then that protest is ON.

Will you put your body where your mouth has been? I just did (on Facebook, you can call me “Hugina.”) Will you be one of the 100 people to activate this national protest against the Patriot Act?

Will you do more than commit to going yourself? Will you tell 10 people about this protest? Will you post a Tweet about it? Will you put up a Facebook link about it? Will you let the world know on Reddit?

Will you do more than that? Will you organize a carpool? Will you stick signs up around the places where you live, work and go to school? Here’s a sign for you to get started:

Repeal the Patriot Act Protest 8 1/2 by 11 Flyer
(higher-quality PDF)

If you don’t like it, or even if you do like it, make your own.

Liberals, libertarians, small-government conservatives, progressives, Tea Party activists: Are you willing to do these things to preserve, protect and defend constitutional government in the United States of America?

We can make this happen, or we can let the opportunity slide. Either through this initiative or by starting another, it’s up to you to act.

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