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Tea Party Anger at Michele Bachmann Explodes over Patriot Act Votes

Four times in just one week Michele Bachmann, a Congresswoman from Minnesota and self-appointed Chair of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, voted in favor of the big-government surveillance, search and seizure powers of the Patriot Act. On February 8, Rep. Bachmann voted in favor of reauthorizing Patriot Act with no amendments or committee consideration allowed. On February 10, Bachmann voted to bring Patriot Act reauthorization back to the House floor, despite the fact that it had just been voted down. On the evening of Valentine’s Day, Michele Bachmann rejected a motion to follow House Rules and send the Patriot Act to the appropriate committees so members could propose sensible reforms. A few minutes after that, Bachmann voted YES to support final passage of the Patriot Act’s renewal in the House. All of these votes operated under conditions that permitted no amendments, no compromise, no reform, and mere minutes of debate.

There are a lot of rank-and-file members of the Tea Party who are not happy about this. They harkened to her words last year as she inaugurated the Tea Party Caucus in Congress:

George Washington once said, “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” Sadly, it seems today that the Constitution is no longer at the forefront guiding Congress…. I called for a Tea Party Caucus to bring Members’ attention to the cries of everyday Americans who are asking for a return to the fundamental principles contained within our nation’s greatest document, the Constitution.

Americans from all locations and backgrounds have united through Tea Parties to spread the timeless messages of fiscal responsibility and limited government. And I have talked to many people who felt discouraged because no one in Washington D.C. seemed willing to listen. This caucus will change that sentiment and ensure the voices of the people are carried through the halls of Congress.

Tea Party Americans are asking themselves how the same Michele Bachmann could just months later issue four rapid-fire votes in favor of the Patriot Act, which lets government agents spy on, search and seize the property of people who have nothing to do with terrorism and when there is no probable cause to suspect them of involvement in a crime. “Probable cause” may seem like a familiar phrase to you — it’s the standard that must be met according to the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It’s the same Constitution that Michele Bachmann wrapped herself in last year, the same Constitution that she’s discarded like used toilet paper.

And if you think that language is harsh, consider the words written to Michele Bachmann yesterday on her Facebook page. Here’s a sample:

Joe Harrison Not a good move. Very disturbing!

Ambree Williams-Coleman ?:p :p :p

John Oetken Pathetic – And on the latest vote proceedural move – Just four Republicans, including Congressman Ron Paul, voted against the extension. On Tuesday 26 Republicans had voted against. The other three Republican nays were Chris Gibson (N.Y.), Raul Labrador (Idaho) and Tom McClintock (Calif.).

Terri Romans Horvath This is tyranny against the American people. This is a complete scam to grid in the American people!

Patrick DiGiorgio Hey Michelle, are you saying that you don’t remember 2006?? These are the reasons we wind up with idiots like pelosi! Use your head, nothing in the patriot act, not a single piece is popular with us!!

Scott O’Bryant i will take my chances against the terrorist i might out gun them its the fed. gov i fear

Jake Hemingway She just voted Yes again folks, it just passed the house…its a sad day for America…again. I don’t think Bachmann should ever claim to be affiliated with the Tea Party again. She is simply ignoring the will of the people, and doesn’t seem to care. Minnesota voters you will have to find a real conservative, not a pretender.

King Vitaman NeoCon Traitor

Joel Dwyer shameful

Thomas Stone Stupid Bitch! you just seald your fait!

Steve Albritton Ms. Bachmann, you made the wrong choice. You sold out your constituents with your vote. Stop claiming to be something you evidently are not.

Eli Davis Which party are you supposed to represent? Seems like the same ol thing…….FAIL…..

Jason Whittington Congresswoman Bachmann, shame on you. You are a hypocrite of the highest order. You talk long and loud about our beloved Constitution, but you end up spitting on it by authorizing the government to illegally spy on us without a warrant.

Mike Little Come on… this is insanity. Please don’t cave like this.

Carolyn Davis-Stokes I use to support and like you, because you were for the Tea Party! I pray you loose your bid for pres., and need to get out of the Tea Party! The jPatroit Act is UNSCONSTITUTIONAL AND YOU KNOW IT! YOU MUST BE A BLOODY WAR MONGER

John Weaver What was that saying about temporary safety? If you want to do something to protect Americans, concentrate on the ports and borders. Pretending that invading American’s privacy is for our protection is a farce! You claim to be part of the Tea Party but you have no idea!

Russell Lawrence Benford You exposed yourself as a person that just gives lip service. You are a traitor and a sell-out.

Fredrick Steputis Madam, you are a fraud! Resign now.

David Greaves Scumbag Traitor to our country. I hope that your constituents vote you out of office as fast as possible. I would rather have an honest liberal socialist than a treasonous liar who pretends to support our constitution. The best thing you can do is not run again ever!

Mark Puckett This is a terrible move. Anyone with half a brain knows this is as unconstitutional as it gets. You Rep. Bachmann, have failed. Epicly.

Jason Whittington Dislike

Carl Smith Michelle …you dissapointed quite a few people , me included .

Lynn Pettis Kahnke Big mistake Michele.

Brad Stylus you violated your constitutional oath you are a liar and a traittor

Chris Hall Where would you like us to put the 4th amendment since we won’t be using it anymore? Any suggestions?

Phil Pepin More proof that the real threat to our freedom is not in the Middle East but in Washington DC.

Rockee Andrew if you cant comprehend what the soCalled “patriot”act is you are not ready for primeTime governing;; we wont be welcoming you back to michigan teaparty’.. im told you also have/had a real fondness for exPresBush?

James Wood Lemme guess, Michele. They told you the American people were just dumb, plodding animals who won’t hold you accountable. That was true before, it’s not true now. YOU. ARE. DONE. Sit down, and STFU you bimbo snake.

Jake Hemingway In the face of overwhelming opposition to her vote, she is too afraid to even explain her vote. She won’t even comment. Well that tends to be the common response from the establishment when asked why they vote to end liberty…”no comment” Fact is there is no justification she could offer that would justify this assault on American liberty, which is the cornerstone of our Nation. Bachmann is an educated lawyer…hmmmm well I am just a student working on my undergrad, but I am willing to bet that I could totally own her in a one on one debate on this issue. Yes Michelle, thats an official challenge from a college student. 🙂

Bret Elliott Hi Michele, can you explain to a financial supporter how you could betray us and vote for the patriot act extension. btw, that name is an abomination, there is nothing patriotic about it. Very disappointed. Please look me up, I am a donor and have donation letters from you on my desk right now, like that is going to happen again. Very disappointed!

Joe Nusbaum Michele Bachmann I am disappointed that you voted for the Patriot Act. It is now clear that you are a traitor to the Constitution and our rights. Please don’t waste our time by even considering to run for re-election. Thank You

William Mottl Dear Michele, Please do not associate yourself with the TEA PARTY, The Constitution or Liberty anymore.

George E Denekas we the people will not tolerate anyone that deviate’s off of the path we place them on. voting for the patriot act is a big slap in the face to us. just when i thought we really had someone stepping up to the plate you back down. im really disappointed in you and i can never trust you again. i hope it was worth it for you.

Thomas Stone Flip Flop much?

Jeffrey Behrends why did you vote for the Patriot Act

Michael Rodabaugh You are a disgrace for this Country Congresswoman. We supported you expecting you to uphold the Constitution. In our eyes, you should be impeached or resign for your inability to serve under the law of the land. How could you vote for the Patriot Act?

Skylar Thomas NOT GOOD 🙁 voting for the Patriot Act!!

Robert Woodward You can kiss your job goodbye. You have lost any and all respect from anyone who values freedom. How can anyone trust you now? Its unfortunate I had to like this page to post a comment. 🙁

Aryeh Ohayon No matter what your reasoning is or was, you voted to continue the encroachment of the freedom’s of the people with the continuation of the Un-Patriot Act. Why watch Fox and listen to you? You’re only going to lie to save your not-soon-enough to be voted out of office behind.

Tina Froid Calling all Americans, we have to stand up for our freedom! Even if the fake politicians don’t back us. We are the pyramid that is holding them up. call your governors, homeland security, and who ever else you can. Talking about a huge demonstration that needs to happen soon!

Jeremiah Mckenna Michele Bachmann, Michele Bachmann, Still waiting for an answer to why you thought it was a good idea to vote to extend parts of the Patriot Act, when there are rules, regulations and laws that the Law Enforcement community has in place already in order to fight criminals and or terrorists? And why do you delete the question?

Cullen McElmurry Once again, another fake politician with no backbone. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Erica Jo Belcher Why in GODS name did you vote for the PATRIOT ACT!!! I supported you.. past tense .. not anymore!!

Glen Comyford I hit the “LIKE” button just so I can tell you how Fn’ dis-appointed I am in you.You and so called Repub constitution lovers like yourself have just hiked your leg’s on the constitution and make me want to vomit..You are no more than Pelosi atop an elephant..With that said I will now flush you from the bathroom of my political life..Whoooshhh…bye,bye traitor..

Eric Nehring why on earth did you vote for an extension of the Patriot Act? As a liberty minded conservative, this makes it hard to continue to support you.

Jim Fox Dear Representative Bachman, You are an evangelical Christian (I am one as well!) and I exhort you as a brother in Christ, before the Living God to uphold the oath you took before Him to obey and uphold the Constitution, including the 4th amendment. “He/she who would sacrifice liberty for safety, will get neither.”

Robert Osborne You claim to support the Constitution, yet you vote for this Unconstitutional Atrocity called the “Patriot Act”. Better study your Constitution some more, before you vote on any more laws.

Thomas Bitterling EPIC FAIL for Voting in favour of the UnPatriot Act, Republican Groupie is what you have reduced yourself to. Your Politcal Career with the Tea Party is no over!

Brandon Q How does the woman who gave the “Gangster Government” speech on the house floor go and give the gangster government unlimited power to search and spy on the people? You are either a fraud or a moron. Either why you are a traitor to your country. You swore an oath to protect the constitution and then you took a big dump on it. You should be ashamed if yourself. No real Patriot would vote for the Patriot Act and now none of them will vote for you! Forget President you wont get re-elected.

Rob Ross I can’t believe you voted for the patriot act. You have pretty much lost all credibility. I mean you are suppose to be someone who understands the constitution. just because technology has changed doesn’t mean that the rights of the people need to be taken away. Shame on you Michelle Bachman. The only bright side to this is you wont be in Washington for much longer.

Patrick Pulliam Do what you can now because you will be voted out this next time around GUARANTEED and forever labeled a traitor to the Constitution and to the people you lied to in your personal pursuit of power and corruption!

Donna M Martinez I am seriously disappointed in you for voting for the unconstitutional Patriot Act!

James Glenn The Question is: Are you a Traitor or just not very bright? Please refrain from bringing up the constitution in your tea-party speeches from now on, you wiped your butt with it when you voted to re-authorize the Patriot Act.


Paul Hicks ?…I can not believe you voted up on the un-Patriot Act Bill, this is a mistake…

Shooter McGaven This is my responce to you Vote for the extention of the patriot act: WORST REPRESENTATIVE EVER!!!!

Tommy Effyn Dice Who did you make a deal with for votes? That’s how it works people… Make deals with the devils that if you vote for your law, they will vote for the one that you came up with merely for re-election

Mark Lessard Why would you vote for the extention of the Patriot Act? You say you are for the Constitution? I am starting to think none of you are serious about it. SAD

Angel Cowell Even Nancy pelosi voted against the Patriot act…you’re a FRAUD! Please stop telling people you’re a Tea Party representitve….you’re just a neocon ….go back to your party where you belong

Kathleen Riley Daniels House GOP Rejects Requirement That PATRIOT Act Surveillances Be Conducted in Compliance With Constitution

Joe Harrison Sorry you had to vote for Patriot Act. You have lost me.

Thomas van Allen michele you turn out to be another phoney for the patriot act,. that is against our 4th and 1st amenment of the constitution.some conservative.what a phoney you turn out to be.

Leah Merriman She showed her true colors. She won’t even be re-elected for a second term as Rep, much less become a contender for president. The UNPatriot act has got to go. She must not really care about the Constitution.

Jason Houts So who paid you off for the Aye vote on the patriot act extension?

Adam Shepherd Shame on you for abandoning your small government principles and supporting a big government violation of the 4th Amendment.

Martin Nitschke What? I thought you were teaching the Constitution and you vote FOR the Patriot ACT????

Brett Rogers Michele Bachmann betrayed tea party with PATRIOT Act vote

Jennifer Says I used to support you. No more.

Daniel Doherty All that talk you did about being for the American people and the Constitution was complete bullshit. Now we know it was all lip service. Enjoy your last term. you will be out on your ass come next election.

Jerry Wojcik Not happy with you. You are a sell out !!! You are done ! What a disappointment!!

A lot of people are not happy with the mismatch between the words of Michele Bachmann and the actions of Michele Bachmann. Do you think these disgruntled words will translate into political action?

16 thoughts on “Tea Party Anger at Michele Bachmann Explodes over Patriot Act Votes”

  1. Tom says:

    OH, so even the ignorant TEA PARTY jerks are getting the message that their government doesn’t represent them! Well isn’t that special. Welcome to the fucking club you boorish louts. Get in line with your faux anger too – because what are you REALLY gonna do except whine, complain to each other on websites and write to “your” representatives, right? You can’t really DO anything meaningful AND THEY KNOW THIS – that’s why they keep shitting on us! Get it? Unless we pull an Egypt style massive, stop traffic, shut down the government protest, WEEKS IN DURATION, nothing will come of it. This is the holy grail of the beltway crowd – the public are powerless unless they all rise up together. And what’s the likelihood of that? About 0, since we can’t agree on anything in this country – especially when your whole party is paid for by billionaires who are basically duping you big time – and the 24/7 propaganda you listen to via Rush, Hannity, Bill and Glenny is to keep you distracted!

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Coming to DC, then, Tom?

      As you just noted, that’s how it would all start: we show up unbidden on the steps of Capitol Hill and demand something better. Few to none outside academia would have predicted the Egyptian uprising two months ago, and yet it happened when enough people showed up.

    2. qs says:

      We’re going to win the presidential nomination (we being Ron Paul supporters.)

  2. eleamo says:

    I am disgusted with bachmann’s performance and WILL NOT continue to support her financially as I have in the past.
    I am from Georgia and assisted in financing her candidacy. I guess I was duped. It will NOT happen again. My other disgusting moment is when MY Representative LYNN WESTMORELAND from GA voted to extend the Patriot Act. I will actively pursue assisting others in replacing HIM in the next round.
    I am ashamed of bachmann and westmoreland.

  3. How could you not see this coming? says:

    I am schocked that anyone surprised that Michele Bachmann voted for this extensions. Tea party Caucus my ass, she just started so she could get more money and anyone who did send her money, would have better spent it giving it a homeless person. for example ‘Bachmann also has an ownership stake in a Waumandee, Wisconsin family farm. From 1995 through 2006, the Bachmann family farm has received $251,973 in federal subsidies’ she has and will always be a freeloader.

  4. Jim Cook says:

    The posts on Michele Bachmann’s Facebook page from angry constituents keep coming:

    Don Levesque Jr. I heard you voted for the Unconstitutional Patriot Act? any thuth to that and please explain???

    Angel Cowell Gave us our freedoms back??? What are you NUTS????? U R aware that this fraud voted to extend provisions in the patriot act that infringe on the 4th amendment, right???

    Austin McCaslin The facebook character “Papa Deuce” has replied to every single critical comment made on this page. I didn’t know facebook allows you to make accounts with fake names like that. It seems to me like this account was made chiefly to make it appear as though there is some debate as to whether or not Michele Bachmann betrayed her constituents, when there is not. For every comment he makes on your posts, respond to them, and then make a new comment on the wall about how you disagree with her patriot act support.

    Dennis Lee Way to vote AGAINST the Constitution and FOR the so-called Patriot Act. Good job betraying everything you purported to stand for!

    Donna Sumner Kearfott So disappointed in you Congresswoman Bachmann. I may have to change my profile picture.

    Gus Constantine How much $$$ did you get for your soul?

  5. Tom says:

    Yeah, it’s real fun venting our anger, but the truth is nothing is changing for the better for the citizens of this country (except the rich, of course, who are the overseers of Congress and even the president now – and give them their marching orders).

  6. T. says:

    Some of these disappointed constituency wall posts remind me of some publicized Anonymous sentiments. Do they know how much they have in common?

  7. Peregrin Wood says:

    So, we’re angry. Now, let’s take ACTION!

    Join the Protest Demanding Congress REPEAL the PATRIOT ACT!

    March 12, 2011, Noon. Outside the west side of the U.S. Capitol Building (facing the Washington Monument)

    Be there!

    See the Facebook link above for more information.

  8. Peg says:

    if these tea party fucks were intelligent they would get in line the rest of the disaffected populace including the liberals from previous generations and current young population and really revolt. But this would require analysis, thought, and a lack of hypocrisy–all of which exist in scarcity in that bunch.

    1. ITimes says:

      Peg, I think you do see many from the Tea Party taking a second tough look at the Republican politicians they put in office last year, and they deserve credit for that. They were manipulated by Republicans. I know I’ve been successfully manipulated by Democratic politicians in the past.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Progressives United!

  10. Howard Reed says:

    Hello Americans,

    Gee Tom . . . the leftist hack vitriol with expletives and everything. Jump back in the cesspool and cool down friend. I’m sure Rep. Bachmann has an answer for what she did . . . lets phone her office and as he to make a public statement as to the why and wherefore of her decision. If she doesn’t . . . 2012 is fast approaching. In the current anti-Washington climate all representative seats are up for replacements. That is why the Tea Party is now so valuable. It is a ‘term limits’ tool that is long in coming.

    I would also remind those that responded with the unkind words that our nation, hence ‘We the people . . .’ are still in eminent danger of the Islamic threat. Belive this. When it happens, not if but when, it will make 9.11 look like a fireworks display. The head choppers are getting nastier as are their weapons of choice against us. We are not as popular around the world as we used to be.

    The Turban Torpedo

  11. Howard Reed says:

    Hello Again America,

    It is said, ‘Never judge a person by their words, but by their actions’. Words today, especially coming from Washington are cheap, meaning they mean only what the speaker wants you to think they mean.

    To the person that downloaded on Rush, Glenn, Sean, Bill, Michelle, Laura, Ann, et al. Were it not for the likes of these conservative pundits the people of this country would be further enslaved by the propagandists that keep the left empowered in Washington.

    And by the way . . . I still support Rep. Bachmann until I personally perceive her as ‘speaking with forked tongue’. And by the way again . . . to iterate . . . America’s enemies still want America’s demise and our heads. The Patriot Act was put in place for a reason and untill you can fully understand why, you will just continue to blow hot air at those of us that do understand. Oh, and PS: I exercise my free speech rights regard Washington, but I’m not afraid of being declared a terrorist. Now bring er on.

    The Turban Torpedo

    The Turban Torpedo

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Thank you for being honest enough to admit that you support the Patriot Act despite its provisions of search, seizure and surveillance without probable cause, Howard. It helps to know where people stand.

  12. Gerald Sills says:

    We need remember just one thing about Miss Michelle: before claiming to be a True Conservative, she was a Democrat female. The odds of converting one of them is nearly astronomical, and it has not worked on her either. When it comes to the Presidency, only a male candidate will be acceptable. If you don’t have to register for the Draft, then don’t bother applying for my vote. I will support Ron Paul should he choose to run. And I will never again support the “lesser of two evils. If the Republicans choose to lie, then let them die. We need a true Constitutional Republic candidate.

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