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Americans Elect Political Committee is Terminated in Arizona

Americans Elect is a 501c4 corporation registered in Washington, DC with the goal of selecting and electing its own candidates for President and Vice President of the United States in 2012. In October of 2010, it also registered itself as a political committee in the state of Arizona, a move which would enable it to collect signatures and obtain presidential ballot access in Arizona for the 2012 elections.

Despite multiple anecdotal reports indicating that Americans Elect was using contractors to collect ballot petition signatures in Arizona, Americans Elect apparently never surpassed the $500 in spending that would have required it to begin filing reports with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.

As of today, the Americans Elect registration as a political committee in the state of Arizona has been terminated. In the state of Arizona at least, Americans Elect appears to have lapsed into complete inactivity.

3 thoughts on “Americans Elect Political Committee is Terminated in Arizona”

  1. Tom says:

    Bwah-hah-haaaa! Keep yer effin’ party you corporatist basids!

  2. Andy says:

    I talked to petition circulators who gathered signatures for Americans Elect in Arizona. I was told that they gathered more than enough signatures to qualify Americans Elect for the ballot in that state. I don’t know why they haven’t turned the signatures in the the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. Perhaps the reason that this does not come up on any campaign finance reports in Arizona is because they used a petition contracting company that is based in California.

  3. John Lewis Mealer says:

    JL Mealer (me) has reopened the Amercans Elect of Arizona and I will become Arizona’s next Governor. Mr.Ted Downing had also reopened (months prior to my committee) a variation of AE with his committee Arizona Americans Elect.

    AE gave Arizona third party ballot access and this is a very valuable tool against the one party calling themselves Democrats and Republicans.

    The big thing is, I will become Arizona’s next Governor (2014) through this ballot access. Call it third party, True Libertarian, True Republican, True Democratic Leadership to protect the Bill of Rights AND to create jobs without Pay-to-Play scandalous actions…

    JL MEALER must become Arizona’s next Governor or this state is dead and the rest of the nation will follow.

    Arizona cannot handle another 4 years of dead-end “closet buddy politics”, we need a real leader and that is me. I serve Arizona and Arizonans. Further, it is critical to know that I serve NO PARTY.

    This is about survival of a state and nation and the dignity of Americans who have long since lost our ability to own anything let alone act with freedom.

    I am here to protect those who have no other means to protect themselves and will reinstitute the Law of the Land (Bill of Rights), Allodial Title, acknowledge the various degrees of Arizona and American Citizenry and treat them according to the true Law and not some pay-to-play created statute.

    Mealer means careers and industry and an open, unfettered ability to create and maintain a personal/private business… With one heck of a way to perpetuate that business when times are tough (my 100% optional OEISP program)… Please, read Mealer Initiative 2014, a free 15 page pdf download from

    I will not split the vote. I want ALL of the votes.

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