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Wisconsin Doesn’t Have a Qaddafi, But it Has a Nixon in Scott Walker

J. Clifford just shared with us the violent rages of the Indiana Deputy Attorney General: Jeff Cox wants to shoot and kill Americans who protest Republicans. That’s Qaddafi behavior right there.

Wisconsin doesn’t have a Qaddafi, but it does have a Nixon: Governor Scott Walker.

A recorded conversation between Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast and Scott Walker, in which Walker believed he was talking to billionaire megafunder David Koch, reveals a few gems:

  • Scott Walker won’t talk to Democrats in his own state or return their calls, but he will promptly take the call of an out-of-state billionaire who massively funds Republican campaigns.
  • Walker thought about planting infiltrators in protests by Wisconsin union workers to cause trouble.
  • He expressed a desire to arrest Democratic senators if their hotel accommodations were paid for by unions, then expressed a willingness to be flown out by billionaire Koch to California for a good time after he outlawed unions.
  • He thinks Ronald Reagan killed the Soviet Union by firing air traffic controllers.

And just like the original Richard Nixon, Wisconsin’s mini-Nixon is undone by secret tapes. Listen for yourself right here.

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