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Americans Elect Update: Alaska, Arizona, and Michigan

On February 1 Ballot Access News issued this report on the 501c4 corporation with designs on electing its own presidential ticket in 2012, Americans Elect:


Americans Elect is a new party that desires to run a presidential nominee in 2012, but not run for any other office. The group is somewhat similar to Unity08, which wanted to do the same thing in 2008, but did not do so. The founders are wealthy and they believe the country needs a centrist presidential candidate. They propose to choose the presidential nominee with an on-line convention, at which any U.S. adult citizen could vote. In the meantime, they are attempting to qualify the party for the ballot in advance.

The party’s petition in Nevada has already been verified, and the party is ballot-qualified in that state for 2012. The party has also finished petitioning in Alaska and Arizona, although it hasn’t submitted its petitions. It is working in Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri, and will start soon in Alabama and Georgia.

Americans Elect is actually a direct descendant of Unity08; the two shared the same mailing address for a time. Since Ballot Access News’ report…

  • Americans Elect’s status as a political committee in Arizona was terminated for a time, but Americans Elect has since been restored to active status in the state.
  • A call today to the Alaska Secretary of State’s office indicates that the state has not yet received any Americans Elect petition forms, although that doesn’t mean that Americans Elect hasn’t gathered signatures yet.
  • The Michigan Secretary of State’s March Political Party Status Report shows that Americans Elect has not yet qualified for ballot access in the state, but is still “seeking ballot status.”

One thought on “Americans Elect Update: Alaska, Arizona, and Michigan”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    An update: a call to the office of the Arizona Secretary of State on May 18, 2011 confirms that Americans Elect has submitted its petitions to county officials in the state of Arizona. The counties have not yet finished working on verifying the signatures on those petitions, however.

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