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How to Order Sweatshop-Free Alta Gracia Shirts for Your Group

Are you a member of an organization — a school, an activist group, an ethical non-profit, a community sports team — that is looking to buy shirts in bulk? Are you particularly interested in supporting ethically-made, sweatshop-free t-shirts? Would you like to support economic development outside the United States in your choice?

Get Sweatshop-Free, Ethically Made T-Shirts for your Club through EthixMerch

Until this month, you wouldn’t have been able to satisfy all three of these conditions. But now you can visit EthixMerch, get your very own design placed on black, white or grey Alta Gracia t-shirts made in the Dominican Republic. The shirts are produced under sweatshop-free, living wage conditions certified by the Workers Rights Consortium in batches of as few as 24 and as many as 5,000.

Yes, you can find a better “deal” for your group economically, but those involve buying shirts from factories that poison, starve and impoverish their workers. You wouldn’t do that, would you? That’s not the moral value held by members of your club, is it? I didn’t think so. Support a better world in your actions, not just your words. Consider getting your club t-shirts from EthixMerch today.

3 thoughts on “How to Order Sweatshop-Free Alta Gracia Shirts for Your Group”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    Just in case you were wondering, we at Irregular Times have no personal, institutional, financial, fiduciary, figurative, or fictive relationship of any kind to either EthixMerch or Alta Gracia. I just like what they’re doing.

  2. Tom says:

    They should go over the border and enlist some Haitians who could surely use the employment.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      The Alta Gracia plant is an experiment by Knights Apparel. Hopefully, if it is successful the model of higher pay, a package of benefits and unionization will spread to other third world apparel factories. Haiti could certainly use this kind of approach.

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