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Partly Sunny and Warm: A Fine Day to Protest the Patriot Act in DC

Saturday March 12 is a fine day to protest the Patriot Act in Washington, DC After a long winter, isn’t it nice to stretch your legs and take a walk in the warming sunshine? Isn’t it nice to bring your family along to a park and watch the kids play on the grass?

So why not do that? If you live near Washington, DC, why not bring your family down to the National Mall and enjoy the Spring? You could toss in a trip to one of the Smithsonian Museums to boot.

While you’re at it, why not drop by a Protest against the Patriot Act to make your stance against unreasonable, overreaching government surveillance known? The protest is happening from Noon to 2 pm on the West side of the U.S. Capitol Building.

It’ll be a beautiful day to exercise your rights, and with the Congress considering reauthorization of the Patriot Act, it’s right time to raise your voice in protest.

4 thoughts on “Partly Sunny and Warm: A Fine Day to Protest the Patriot Act in DC”

  1. Tom says:

    Don’t look now, but:

    Off-topic, but you’ve been interested in this on-going train wreck of climate-change denial in the face of mounting evidence, so i thought it should be brought to your attention. i hope you’re still interested, not that there’s anything we can do about it now (except watch our own demise unfold before our very eyes, going forward).

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Tom, I know that you don’t really believe that everything is hopeless, because you haven’t committed suicide. It is not too late for us to take action on climate change.

      It is also not too late for us to push Congress to repeal the Patriot Act. That’s why I’ll be protesting in Washington D.C. tomorrow.

      I hope you enjoy your “garden”, and notice that, despite your feigned helplessness, it has not yet been destroyed by climatic disasters or riots in the streets.

  2. Jim Cook says:

    Forecast update: 61 degrees, partly cloudy. Aah! Come on out.

  3. Tom says:

    J. Clifford: i hope, sincerely, that your efforts are rewarded with actions from Congress on this dastardly bill. In spirit i am behind you and all the protestors completely. If there is a petition to sign, put it on-line & i’ll sign it. If you want yet another letter to my congressjerk, i’ll pen one tonight. You know – i’d almost consider going just to meet you guys! Another time, perhaps, but i’m most definitely in your corner on this.

    On climate-change, i’m afraid our window of opportunity is almost closed and that at this late date (we should have begun taking SERIOUS WORLDWIDE action back in the 1970’s) we’re most definitely going to feel the effects of the chemical imbalances in the atmosphere, oceans and on land in the coming years (and it looks like it will become increasingly bad each year with only minor breaks due to the chaotic effects of weather – and “bad,” as in difficult to grow food, damaging heat, ridiculous flooding in some areas, long droughts in others, and mightier storms of all kinds than would have been the case were all this carbon dioxide, methane, etc. not there). i wish i were totally wrong on this and hope that i end up looking like a complete fool – i’d welcome it and laugh at myself if it turned out that nothing was out of the ordinary.

    As far as suicide, that’s too selfish – i’ll suffer along with everyone else and at least go down trying to correct our thinking and actions on this and all the other issues; political, social, health related, economic, foreign and domestic policy, military, and the way we live on the planet (including ideas about labor, corporations, business, profit, charity, etc.).

    i’ll be smiling and turning over the soil in my garden tomorrow, but my thoughts will be with you guys – wishing you all the best: be safe, be real, and let ’em know how we all feel (you are the representatives for many that feel the same as you about this atrocious act but who can’t make it for a whole gamut of reasons). i’ll look for the protest on the news (anywhere – t.v., internet, Al Jazera).

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