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Knitting Needles: Fine on a Plane, But not in the halls of Congress

One of the oddities of the Transportation Security Agency is its knitting needle policy. You can’t bring the thinnest and tiniest of drill bits on board in your carryon bag. You can’t bring a pair of pliers onto a plain in your carry-on bag. You can’t bring a Dr. Scholl’s gel insert for your shoe on board. But you can bring knitting needles, all right. Have you ever seen a knitting needle? Egads, I wouldn’t want to run into one of those big ones, all big and long and pointy. But to the TSA, they’re fine and dandy. Well, all right then…

Sign greeting visitors to the United States Capitol Building

Welcome to the U.S. Capitol. Would you like to take a tour?

Items prohibited in the U.S. Capitol include knitting needles

Well, then, the last thing you’d want to do is bring your knitting needles along.

You know, now more than ever in these troubled times, I am comforted by the knowledge that my government knows best how to mess around with the citizenry in arbitrary ways set clear, well-reasoned standards and stick with them.

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