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Top Movies Indicate We Long To Be Beseiged

The top five movies of the weekend were:

Battle: Los Angeles
Red Riding Hood
The Adjustment Bureau
Mars Needs Moms

The first, third and fifth movies in this list center around the thrill that They’re Going To Get You. They feed the fantasy that universe is full of bad things that are just itching to do evil things to us, and that the highest calling in life is to confront and defeat those bad things. These movies excite audiences more than they frighten them, giving people a hit to satisfy the addiction to being terrorized that can result from the intertwining of fear and reward in the amygdala.

The second and the fourth films, on the other hand, offer a different sort of satisfaction to audiences. It’s more subtle, suggesting an elevation of the self to higher abilities through a determined effort to strengthen qualities of character. The characters in these movies are placed in difficult circumstances, and resolve to be masters of their own identities.

Which kind of movie would you rather see?

One thought on “Top Movies Indicate We Long To Be Beseiged”

  1. Tom says:

    All these movies suck. More scraping of the bottom of the barrel of ideas from Hollywood. What ever happened to movies about people with relationships who had to figure out solutions to real and complex social problems WITHOUT resorting to guns and violence?

    They should make a movie of the Japan disaster and show how people come together, sacrifice and cooperate to solve their common plight – it would be uplifting, while at the same time sad (for all the loss) and full of emotional drama.

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