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Another Unity08 Old Hand at Americans Elect: Roger Craver

As Americans Elect readies itself for a public launch in the Spring of 2011, some people may say to themselves, “Boy, this sounds more than little bit like the old Unity08.” There’s a reason for that: Americans Elect is a continuation of the the old Unity08. Although the two groups have different names, there is an explicit line of historical continuity connecting Americans Elect to Unity 08. In both corporate records and its stable of leaders, Americans Elect and Unity08 overlap.

Continuity in Corporate Records

The corporate address reported by Unity08 in the first half of 2009: 1775 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 1212, Washington DC 20006

The corporate address reported by the Unity12 Task Force in the second quarter of 2010: 1775 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 1212, Washington DC 20006

The corporate address reported by the renamed Americans Elect in the third quarter of 2010: 1775 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 1212, Washington DC 20006

This continuity should come as no surprise. In a lawsuit to win it the right to take contributions of unlimited amounts under looser rules of public disclosure, Peter Ackerman sat for a deposition in which he declared it the intention of Unity08 to operate as Unity12 in the 2012 Presidential Election:

If Unity08 is successful in this litigation, Unity08 has a clear and definite intent to resume its activities — renamed “Unity12” — for the 2012 presidential election. The “Unity” mission remains as critical today for the 2012 presidential election as it was in 2006 for the 2008 presidential election.

The only development unanticipated by Peter Ackerman’s declaration is the change of name from Unity12 to Americans Elect.

Continuity in Leadership

Unity08 Corporate Director, Chair of the Unity08 Rules Committee, Advisory Committee member and reportedly the most successful fundraiser for Unity08: Peter Ackerman
President and Chairman of Americans Elect: Peter Ackerman

The registrar of Unity08 websites: Republican media consultant Jim Jonas
The registrar of Americans Elect websites: Republican media consultant Jim Jonas

Unity08 College Coordinator: Nick Troiano
Americans Elect Communications Manager: Nick Troiano

As with most of above discoveries, the latest connection between Unity08 and Americans Elect became apparent through the off-hand disclosure of a third party last week, through the notice of an award from the American Association of Political Consultants

Unity08 Founders Council Member, “day-to-day” leader and Plaintiff on Behalf of Unity08: Roger Craver
Declared by the AAPC to be “working on the organization that will elect our next president, Americans Elect”: Roger Craver

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