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Yes We Can Offer You Anti-Obama Merch

Rich Weitzman writes in today with a pointed question:

Enough with Bush, that is old news. Where are your anti-Obama products??? Especially since this moron just started a war in Libya???!!!

That’s a good question, Rich, and I have what I hope is a good answer: that we do offer anti-Obama products of various sorts, making the case against the record of his presidency. Their criticisms come from the left, of course, because that’s where we sit. Here is a small sample of our anti-Obama collection:

Primary Obama 2012 bumper sticker
Dump Obama bumper sticker
What is Obama’s problem with the Constitution? bumper sticker
Obama and Civil liberties bumper sticker
Obama: Change I Believed in (Cracked Icon) Poster
Obama: Change I Believed in (Cracked Icon) T-Shirt
Yes We Can Spy On You Bumper Sticker
Progressives Against Obama T-Shirt
War is not any Better waged by Obama Shirt
Yes He Did Cover Up Torture Shirt
I Voted for Change and all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt
Yes He Can Spy On You T-Shirt
Mister President, Keep the Oath T-Shirt
The All-Seeing Eye of Obama Bumper Sticker
Obama: Big Brother is Still Watching T-Shirt

We’re liberals, not partisans, and we won’t shut our mouths to stay friends with the Donkeys. From a liberal point of view the presidency of Barack Obama leaves a lot to be desired.

1 comment to Yes We Can Offer You Anti-Obama Merch

  • mike

    it is amusing how people assume if you’re a liberal, you’d do anything to lick Obama’s boots.

    On the other hand, I harbor that misconception about my neighbors and Glenn Beck.

    On the other other hand, they quote the bastard, so I think my prejudicial assumption is justified.

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