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Way to Exasperate a Liberal #59: Trillions for Religious War from a Small-Government Conservative

In one breath, congressman Allen West declares his support for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, costing trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives, in the name of fighting a religion he does not like.

In the next breath, Allen West declares:

“I will curb out of control Government spending…. I will carry the torch of conservative, small government principles.”

4 comments to Way to Exasperate a Liberal #59: Trillions for Religious War from a Small-Government Conservative

  • Tom

    Well that’s nothing new qs, we’ve already seen it for over two years now.

    The same Republican family values: no abortions, but we’ll send ‘em off to war in a heartbeat (and don’t want to take care of them when they come back maimed, addled or dead); no abortions, but they don’t care if you’re homeless, lose your home or your job, and can’t afford health-care (hurry up and die); no abortions, but we’ll protect our hired killers from prosecutions overseas for murdering women and children or unarmed men indescriminately and basically throw out the Constitution and Bill of Rights (of course Obama is in this camp too), and now with the new/improved rendition and torture! Oh and as far as money goes – they’ll spend it on spying on our own citizens, gropers at the airport, war, death, killing and making life miserable for everyone (as long as they’re the exception), even though our plan to bail out the banksters with public money (no that’s not socialism) caused all this financial meltdown in the first place and is on the way to making us a giant Zimbabwe. So yeah, vote Republican – because they have so many of your interests at heart, really care about you (as a foetus), and have defined themselves as the family values/financial responsibility party (oh, they’re responsible all right, just not accountable).

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