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Can You Corroborate the Veracity of Americans Elect Documents?

As the presidential-ticket-running corporation/political party called Americans Elect gets ready for a public launch, I need your help establishing the veracity of some documents that may be related to their efforts to get on the ballot. As it gathers ballots from the Upper Midwest through the American Southwest, Americans Elect relies on the work of paid signature gatherers who are handed scripts that they’re supposed to use to describe Americans Elect’s plans. Are you in the loop as a paid petition-gatherer? If you are, you may have some interesting documents on your hands.

I’m looking for a petition-gathering script that EITHER includes the text: “…is a separate entity that has no affiliation with the Tea Party movement…” OR includes the text: “If the new Party selects a candidate that has been affiliated with the Republican party, then…”. I have one version of these scripts from one source, but need another source to establish the scripts’ veracity, and Americans Elect has refused to comment to me on this or any other matter. That’s why I need your help. If you have a copy of one or both of the scripts I’ve described, please contact me through retorts //AT// and ideally send me images of the docs you have as attachments to your e-mail message. I’m can’t/don’t/won’t pay for source materials, but I am willing to respect your confidentiality.

Thanks in advance for your help.

One thought on “Can You Corroborate the Veracity of Americans Elect Documents?”

  1. Tom says:

    How about we go after this group that’s already “in power” and isn’t playing by the rules?

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