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Meet Joshua S. Levine, CTO for Americans Elect, Architect of an Election

Americans Elect has not made any formal public disclosures of its activity since it reorganized under Section 501c4 of the IRS code. Informally, however, information is leaking out around the edges of the corporation as it ramps up its activities with the goal of picking America’s next president in 2012.

Through a LinkedIn profile, we can see that Joshua S. Levine has joined the leadership of Americans Elect as its Chief Technology Officer. Levine’s professional expertise lies at the junction of corporate finance and software development: he is on the advisory board of Next Jump (a consumer database company) and has been in the corporate leadership of E*Trade, Kita Capital Management, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley investment firms. Levine is the Chief Executive of ESP Technologies, which provides secure software for managing the financial transactions of hedge funds and other investment institutions. Levine also sits on boards of directors of Xceedium, Securify and Archivas, three corporations dedicated to the development of secure database software for corporations and government institutions.

The hiring of Joshua S. Levine marks a serious move by Americans Elect to develop a secure system for online voting. Levine may be the architect of our next presidential election.

2 thoughts on “Meet Joshua S. Levine, CTO for Americans Elect, Architect of an Election”

  1. Dan Thompson says:

    Ballots need to add a NO option so if attack ads are successful voters can vote against the target without having to vote for the one attacking. The highest net yes wins. It could reduce negative campaigning, increase turnout, save many noses from being squeezed while voting and produce a result that more honestly reflects voter sentiment. “None of the above” impacts the result. A “NO” vote certainly does, in a very attention getting way.

  2. Dwight Smith says:

    My parents were extremely upset that after trying very hard to “qualify” for the AmericansElect to vote on the site, or even to just support Our Campaign for The American People on the site, the system used to “verify” them totally FAILED. If this had been a REAL Election, although they were over 80 and had been voting for their entire lives they would NOT have been able to vote using the “verification” process that AmericansElect was using. The design of the voter verification system had some FATAL flaws which would have to be repaired before it could ever be used in the real world primary or even any other type of election. I spent most of the resources I had in the 2012 Presidential Election trying to work with AmericansElect and was very upset when they just folded. The whole system was extremely FLAWED, and anyone who looked at it realistically should know that it would NEVER result in any actual “Presidential Candidate” without major modifications. I had hoped that would be done and at the very least AmericansElect would continue to work towards the kind of Real Election Reform I have been campaigning for since 1950. The Web Site STILL says “see you in 2013. I am very disappointed and will continue to work to find Real options for Our Campaign for The American People to actually Succeed. I am not now nor will I ever be a “quitter”. I have been a Real Public Servant all of my life and will continue to be until I am planted.

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