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Options in Lawn Aeration

I could get a big, heavy contraption to aerate the yard outside my house…

lawn aerator machine or squirrels?

… or I could let the squirrels do it. Later this spring the earthworms will leave their castings on top of the grass, fertilizing it and aerating the lawn all over again. ‘Course, they wouldn’t do that if I’d killed them off with pesticides.

5 comments to Options in Lawn Aeration

  • “Earthworm casts can blunt the blades of a lawn mower. Weeds grow on earthworm casts and pose a hazard for other plants in the garden.”

    What?!? How close to the dirt do you have to be mowing in order to hit an earthworm cast? An earthworm cast might be a third of a centimeter high… and it’s poo. Poo! How is that going to blunt the blades of your lawn mower? Does your lawn mower have plastic blades?

    Weeds grow on earthworm casts, but they don’t CAUSE weeds to grow. Weeds grow on dirt too. Is the author suggesting we get rid of all the dirt in our yards too?

  • Tom

    The whole “lawn care” industry is bullshit if you ask me. What a waste of finite valuable resources cutting grass is anyway, let alone worrying about “aeration”, “thatching” and “fertilizing” with this and that. If you must, cut your stupid grass about every 3 weeks and be done with it (weeds, leaves, who cares?).

  • Aeration in Georgia is so critical. Due to the compacted clay soil, turf simply has a difficult time thriving without core aerating each year. For higher quality lawns, twice a year is vital. The golf courses aerate monthly in season, why not a home lawn?

    • If turf doesn’t grow well in Georgia unless people are paid to run expensive machines over the ground, ripping it up on a frequent basis, then why are on earth are people in Georgia trying to grow lawns there? Why not turn to another form of landscaping that actually works?

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