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Americans Elect Petition Gatherers Encounter Suspicion in Michigan

A resident of Macomb County Michigan reacts with perplexity to an encounter with a petition gatherer for Americans Elect, which is attempting to gain ballot access in the state for the 2012 presidential election but which does not provide public contact information:

They want our signatures, email address’s, street addresses and yet they seem to have no one to talk to about them. They have no physical address that I can find? Who are these guys. Are they for real or is this some kind of scam? Someone should investigate this group and petitioners trying to get our private information! I dont know about you all but I dont like it! Anyone else know about these guys? I have notified the athorities in our area and I would suggest anyone else encountering these folks should do the same. I dont trust groups without address’s and and phone numbers. I suspect they are up to something fishy.

6 thoughts on “Americans Elect Petition Gatherers Encounter Suspicion in Michigan”

  1. Ore says:

    Voter rolls are public record. Petitioners are not asking for private information and law enforcement has no right to prevent petitioners from gathering signatures.

    The email address thing is new, I haven’t heard of that before. I’ll have to talk to some of my friends working in Michigan, but I seriously doubt they’re asking for email addresses on the petition itself, it has to be something separate, or maybe it was on the voter registration card.

  2. Tom says:

    i think i brought this up last week. With their attitude of secrecy and “need to know” – they’re toast.

    1. Laurel says:

      did you hack into the election computers in Ohio stealing the election and giving the presidential nomination to Bush over Gore?

      you sound so suspicious……..

  3. Mozer says:

    It took me only 15 minutes to come up with a physical address, mailing address, phone number, website front page. I don’t think they are being secretive about ballot access, but it would be nice to have more information about their long term intentions. I agree with Tom, for a few hundred dollars you can buy voter rolls to use for anything, if the petitioner want private information, they wouldn’t ask you to sign that limited of a petition. I believe the problem for American’s Elect is that all 50 states have different methods of qualifying for ballot access, so they need to be careful on what information they make public while they navigate the process.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Can you share that phone number, please? That would be great to know. The last phone number I found doesn’t work any more, and I can’t locate a more current, working phone number for Americans Elect.

      I agree that the other information is available for people who know how to look online. I’ve personally tried to visit the physical address of the Americans Elect office and been halted by a security guard. I’ve written certified letters to Americans Elect at their mailing address and never had them returned. Same goes for e-mail. This raises the question akin to the old tree falling in the forest: whether an address exists if it can’t be contacted.

      1. Laurel says:

        Many of these comments seem to be coming directly from the opposition who I am sure have tried to put out negative images of ‘American’s Elect’ and perhaps ( I would not be at all surprised) have sabotaged any information getting through by any means. I too sent an e-mail to what I thought was the ‘American’s Elect’ site and never heard back from them.

        After all since the Republicans hacked into the election computers in Ohio giving the presidential election to Bush over Gore they certainly are flooding the internet with misleading websites, negative comments, false e-mails and telephone numbers…..”Betch Ya!”

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