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Four Years Ago, Now

Four years ago, the corporation with a plan to run its own candidate for president called Unity08 refused to remove “delegates” from its list after they became disgusted with it.

This week, the corporation with a plan to run its own candidate for president called Americans Elect is refusing to tell companies gathering signatures for it what it is.

Four years ago, a Bush administration point man on sexual abstinence was caught using the services of a sexual escort.

This week, the Republicans in Congress threatened to shut down the entire federal government unless they could stop the distribution of condoms.

Four years ago, the House of Representatives passed a bill to let shareholders in a public corporation (you know, the owners) cast an advisory, non-binding vote approving or disapproving of executive pay packages. The Senate promptly sat on the bill until it died.

This week, no such bill has even been introduced to either the House or Senate.

Four years ago, the UN reported that the U.S. supported government of Iraq was detaining people without warrants, charges or trials.

This week, we found out that Iraq government detention without charge, without trial and with torture is taking place inside the U.S.-constructed Green Zone.

Four years ago, only 12 Senators (all Democrats) had cosponsored a bill to repeal the Military Commissions Act and restore constitutional process for American detainees. Two more — Senators Barack Obama and Ron Wyden — eventually added their cosponsorship.

This week, the presidential administration of Barack Obama announced that it would cancel trials for detainees and convene military commissions instead.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

One thought on “Four Years Ago, Now”

  1. Tom says:

    Yes sir – that’s change you can believe in (all rhettoric and no action)! Vote Obama!

    This election, like the trend for the past bunch, has come down to the choice between electing a corporate-owned, silver-tongued Republican-policy enabler or a complete whack-job that will decimate everything the country used to stand for in as short a time as possible. Have fun!

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