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Why an Americans Elect Signature Gatherer in California Called it Quits

Levi Denham, a former signature gatherer for Americans Elect in the state of California, wrote to me last week to explain why he’s refused to collect signatures for the 501c4 corporation’s presidential election effort any more:

I wanted to find a way to pitch this to people without feeling deceitful. Signing a petition that could affect who wins the next presidential election is a big deal. If I’m gathering signatures and someone asks me a question, I’m not going to say “no comment”. I’m not going to refer them to the web site of American’s Elect (which is not a web site, just a landing page with some quotes on it).

The idea of holding an online convention is not only interesting, it’s the foundation the entire “party” stands on (“Americans Elect is not a political party”; what’s the name of the party?). Any marginally-informed, concerned citizen would immediately have questions about such a novel idea, when given more than a minute or two to decide whether to back the idea or not. The fact that I’m told to avoid answering questions about this online convention tells me that something shady, or incompetent is going on here.

It is for this reason, and all of the obfuscation, and the focus on gimmickery instead of informing people so that they can make informed choices, that I won’t be a part of this. And it’s the reason this petition will never pass muster with the citizens of California as currently being presented to them.

Sorry, I really wanted this to work.

Denham tells me that he and other signature-gatherers raised questions about Americans Elect, trying to find out more about Americans Elect’s origins, plans and activities before they helped to give the corporation a space on the 2012 presidential ballot. According to Denham, they were stonewalled, which is the point at which when Denham refused to participate any longer.

4 thoughts on “Why an Americans Elect Signature Gatherer in California Called it Quits”

  1. Ore says:

    I think the main reason many petitioners are boycotting this petition is because the pay sucks and we’re hearing rumors of better petitions coming out in the coming weeks.

    If I was broke right now and needed to work, I would rather go up to Washington state or something and work on this campaign: Circulators are making around the same amount of money and it’s a much easier and more respectable petition. The petitioners I am talking to in Cali are only working enough to pay for their rent, that’s about it. I only know of a few guys who are going full steam ahead on this Americans Elect petition.

    Basically, working a dud of an issue that no one cares about and only raises questions from signers is no fun if it’s only good for $100 for a full days work. Screw that.

    1. Tikuanyin says:

      Ore who would I contact in Washington in order to start working the petition you mentioned there? I am new to signature gathering and don’t know.

  2. Tikuanyin says:

    Also, IT, notice the name of the person you’re quoting is most likely fake, Levi Denham. Denim Levis. He wants to keep his actual identity private
    for his own reasons, but just take note.

    1. Levi Denham says:

      I assure you, that is my real name 🙂 Parents had a great sense of humor

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