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In Wake of Fracking Spill, Pennsylvania Erupts in Protest

In the wake of a recent spill of thousands of gallons of hydrofracking fluids into the watersheds of Pennsylvania, Marcellus Shale Protest has organized a series of demonstrations to call our leaders’ attention to the public and environmental health dangers of the procedure called “fracking.” To learn more about what fracking is, what role it plays in the extraction of natural gas from shale, and what cost it can exact from people and ecosystems, check out “Fracking Nation” in the May 2011 issue of Discover Magazine. To be brief, the fluids that are used to fracture shale and then spilled or intentionally dumped into Americans’ drinking water sources contain a variety of heavy metals and carcinogens that can wreak havoc with our health and the health of everything else that depends on water.

At 1pm in Harrisburg today, Marcellus Shale Protest marked Earth Day with an anti-fracking protest, and more protests are on the way in days to come. On March 23, Pennsylvanians concerned about the health impact of fracking will march from one river to another in Philadelphia. On Wednesday April 27 in the Rachel Carson Building in Harrisburg PA, people will rally outside a meeting of the Governor’s Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission at 10 AM to remind the government of its duty to protect the public health, not just corporate profit.

Many more protests, informational meetings and public hearings are listed on the calendar of the Marcellus Shale Protest organization. If you are looking to get involved in activism on the issue, that page is a great place to start.

4 thoughts on “In Wake of Fracking Spill, Pennsylvania Erupts in Protest”

  1. Tom says:

    Um, thanks for the above link from the Chinese contingent . . .

    Like all the other protests, these too will be ignored by those who can change things (like the right wing/corporate governor) and the gas/energy industry. “We’ll give you money, and jobs!” ain’t cuttin’ it when you can’t drink the water, go fishing or breathe the air for long. What’s it gonna take, armed insurrection? Voting and protesting ain’t workin’ to slow down the destruction of the environment, the collapse of the standard of living or the plummeting of the value of a dollar.

  2. Liz R says:

    We think of Philadelphia as the birthplace of American political independence, I think it has the potential to spark the real battle for independence from fossil fuel, too. Pennsylvanians are wising up, politically speaking, and trying to take responsibility for our land and waters and our health. We’d rather have groovy green jobs, ones that require a college degree, than dirty gas jobs? We can raise the knowledge base and the tax base, BUT Corbett has a very different strategy, it would seem. He’s holding hostage the idea of the TAXING the Natural Gas Industry, so it can serve as his big concession to environmentalists and the people of Pennsylvania later on. Then, we can have all scientific studies and green projects we want. It will be how he sells it to the softer, less interested contingent of the current environmental movement. All the while, as we are busy organizing and protesting, Corbett and his NG cronies will be raping and spoiling the water and land, drilling as fast as they can. One fact I do know, proven throughout history: Clean, healthy rivers sustain great cities. We really need to protect ours, and to do that, we need to demonstrate how our economic interests and environmental security together. We need a Water Security Strategy, a new statewide moratorium on drilling, and referendum vote.

    1. Radoslav Kamenov says:

      I am writing to you from Bulgaria and in the name of thousands of Bulgarians regarding the upcoming ecological disaster in our country.
      In the middle of June 2011 our government granted a five-year permit to the U.S. company Chevron to carry out shale gas exploration in the most fertile part of our country – “Dobruja”, for 30 million euros. There is much evidence that the technology of exploration and extraction of shale gas is very controversial and it can damage the environment. We are trying to organise ourselves via facebook – so far we have formed a group of about 10 000 enthusiasts – in order to inform the Bulgarian population about the dangers of exploration and extraction of shale gas.
      Our request is: We know that there are a lot of people in the US that are harmed by the hidraulic fracturing consequences How about if we coordinate our activities , record them and give them to medias for broadcasting IN BOTH OUR COUNTRIES SIMULTANEOUSLY?It is ever increasingly difficult to overcome the obstacles of our famous bureaucratic machine, as well as the pessimistic attitude of some fellow Bulgarian citizens, fed up with the statements of the Bulgarian Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism, and a group of biased scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Science. According to them, the exploration of shale gas is safe and no different than the exploration of oil and natural gas, and the extraction itself doesn’t represent any danger to the environment. Of course, there are many other specialists who are saying the opposite, but they are given no publicity, which doesn’t surprise us at all.

      Our Facebook group’s page:
      For contacts: or facebook.

      With regards,
      A Bulgarian Civil Movement, which wants to preserve the beauty and integrity of our country’s nature.

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