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Americans Elect sets standard: You are its “True Boss”

In its newly written About page, corporation-slash-political-party Americans Elect boldly sets out the standard by which its conduct in the 2012 race should be judged:

The Delegates—and the rest of the American people—are the true boss of Americans Elect

As Americans Elect has generally described its plan, any registered voter in the U.S. will be eligible to sign up as a delegate to Americans Elect. Any U.S. person is one of the “American people.”. And these are, according to American Elect, the “true boss of Americans Elect.”

What does a “true boss” of an organization do?

A true boss sits in on organizational meetings and has access to their minutes.

A true boss is in charge of staff appointments.

A true boss has access to polling data, focus group information and other research commissioned for the organization.

A true boss has access to legal documents pertaining to the organization.

A true boss has access to contribution and expenditure data for the organization.

A true boss has access to a full staff directory and is able to contact staff as needed.

A true boss has a full voice in decisions regarding the agenda, structure and activities of an organization.

In its publication of that claim on its About page this week, Americans Elect has told you how it should be judged. Will delegates and the American people be granted the rights and privileges of a “true boss” as described above? Then Americans Elect has lived up to its own hype. Will Americans Elect deny you the above? Then Americans Elect is insincerely playing us all for fools.

Will Americans Elect stay true to its promise? Wait and see.

One thought on “Americans Elect sets standard: You are its “True Boss””

  1. Tom says:

    Gah – they sound so much like Repukelicans who lie right to your face with a smile on theirs as if their bullshit/fantasy world is completely believable! What a complete crock of shit these “you’re the boss” statements are! Yeah, right – as if.

    Smarmy mofos.

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