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How To Encourage Elizabeth Warren To Run For President

The Dallas Morning News has called Elizabeth Warren the “right person for an nearly impossible task”. Okay, they weren’t talking about Elizabeth Warren running for President, as the New Progressive Alliance has been, but the point is that Elizabeth Warren has a great deal of respect for her abilities.

Liberal Democrats who are looking for a 2012 alternative to the decidedly not very liberal Barack Obama have taken note of Warren’s ability, and have suggested that she challenge Obama for the Democratic nomination for President. They’ve done more than just vote in the New Progressive Alliance poll as well. They’ve started an Elizabeth Warren for President web site, which features a tool for people who would like to encourage Warren to challenge Obama: A form through which they can write a message that will be forwarded on to Warren herself.

One thought on “How To Encourage Elizabeth Warren To Run For President”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    I see that 123 people have used that tool to send Elizabeth Warren an encouraging note so far. Anyone care to make themselves #124?

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