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PhotoAnalysis Reveals Actual Source of so-called Barack Obama Hawaii “Birth Certificate”

Although “President Barack Obama” aka “Barry Soetoro” has made a media show of supposedly releasing his long-lost long-form “birth certificate” to liberal media outlets on April 27 2011, a detailed photo analysis reveals that the origin of this avowed “certificate of live birth” is indisputably outside the United States.

In the event that the United States Government chooses to retract its posting of this alleged birth certificate document, I have posted a copy of it here for your review. I encourage you to subject this document to your own rigorous analysis.

What follows below is the result of a detailed photoanalysis using a gaussian progressive-rank liminal scanning procedure in which a successive areas of maximum likelihood for graphic anomalies were identified. In each step, least-squares interpolation improved graphic quality, allowing for smaller and more fine-grained anomalies to be identified for Bayesian alpha-form analysis at higher magnifications. The result allows us to examine the alleged Hawaii Obama birth document in more detail than otherwise possible. Analysis credit goes to the Ad Hoc projects team at Edison Photo Lab of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

At each step, the area identified for further analysis is identified in red.

Step 1:

Alleged State of Hawaii Long-Form Certificate of Live Birth associated with Barack Obama II

Step 2:

State of Hawaii Barack Obama Birth Certificate Detail Area 1, Zoom Stage 1

Step 3:

State of Hawaii Barack Obama Birth Certificate Detail Area 2, Zoom Stage 2

Step 4:

State of Hawaii Barack Obama Birth Certificate Detail Area 3, Zoom Stage 3

Optical Character Recognition identifies the text in this image: “The Klaaxian Space Fleet Misses You, Lt. Baraak.”

These results confirm suspicions that the so-called “Barack Obama birth certificate” actually has origins outside the state of Hawaii, and apparently outside the borders of the United States of America. This document only further calls into question the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s claim to U.S. citizenship. The only remaining question is whether the sheeple in Washington DC will continue to bow down to their false master or finally rise up and impeach the imposter and agent of an alien power.

23 thoughts on “PhotoAnalysis Reveals Actual Source of so-called Barack Obama Hawaii “Birth Certificate””

  1. Anonymous says:

    are you joking me, this is a live birth, not a certified cop of a brith certificate. You are not foolin g me,I am an american born citizen, and i am appaled, ata this, for the first tme, because of Barark Obama, i have to have a CERTIFIED COPY OF MY ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, NOT A LIVE BIRTH, A LIVE BIRTH IS NOT A LEGAL DOCUMENT, YOU CANNOT USE IT TO GET A DRIVERS LICENSE IN THE u>s> obama, try to get a drivers license with that live birth record, you cant do, thats your new law. GIVE US THE CERTIFIED COPY OF THE ORIGINAL BRITH CERTIFICATE, NOT A DOCUMENT THAT DOESNT MEAN ANYHTHING, NOR PROVE ANYTHING. tHE ONLY THING THAT WILL PROBE THAT YOU AN AMERICAN BORN CITIZEN, IT A CERTIFIED COPY OF YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Anonymous, let’s put this in perspective. One the one hand, you Republicans clapped and cheered when the United States entered into a 9-year-long war to eliminate weapons of mass destruction that never even existed. But now, you’re outraged that Barack Obama has shown you a “certificate of live birth” rather than a certificate of live birth, when in fact, he is legally obligated to show you NEITHER.

      Perspective, Anonymous. Perspective.

      1. Anonymous says:


  2. Jim Cook says:

    Writing in capital letters doesn’t make it true.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually, a president is Constituionally required to be a naturl born American. So yes, he IS obbligated.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      No, he is not legally obligated to produce to the American public a birth certificate. Did McCain? Did Bush? Did Clinton? No.

      If a prosecutor finds, through a grand jury process, probable cause to believe that Barack Obama had committed fraud by falsely claiming to be born in the borders of the USA, then Barack Obama could be brought to criminal trial, and would be intelligent if he produced a birth certificate, but he still wouldn’t be required to do so. The burden of proof of fraud would rest with the prosecution, not the defense.

      Really, Anonymous, study up on the law a little, okay?

  4. Non-Trust says:

    This is what is wrong with America. Blind trust while our country is driven in the wrong direction. Obama and Carter – similar? Wait, what does it matter – Obama can literally do nothing wrong in your eyes. Just because you voted for someone, doesn’t mean you have to keep your eyes closed or throw common sense out the window. I want to look at the position of President with pride. We need a candidate that can humbly serve us – the citizens of the United States. NT

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Golly gee whizzikers, Non-Trust. You might want to try reading a bit before you make that claim.

      The writers for this website were the only political demonstrators along Obama’s inaugural parade route in 2009. We’ve been writing pieces critical of him since he took office — hundreds of them. Just the other day we ponied up cash to help pay for a billboard criticizing Obama and suggested others do the same.

      You don’t have to support President Barack Obama to recognize when a group of people veers off the ledge of skepticism into insanity.

  5. A retired veteran Airman says:

    Big problem with the released doc, is that it is definitely NOT a photocopy, but, a multi-layer Adobe Illustrator product.

    There are three documents that are in three layers, imposed on the “official” paper that is green.

    Why the WH released this travesty, no one knows, right now. I am a “rocket scientist”, in data analysis and can see the

    travesty, in my copy of illustrator. You can see it on any search of the web…

    The bigger picture is that the folks who kill their own citizens are just about entirely in charge of the U.N. which we fund,

    while we are in too many declared, and un-declared, wars/conflicts that are sapping our lives and resources.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Actually, the big problem is that National Review (very conservative publication, mind you) has demonstrated that a person scanning a document and then saving it as a PDF through Adobe Illustrator will automatically create such layers. Read it here.

      You’re suggesting that two separate Directors of the Department of Health, two Directors of Vital Statistics and two Governors — one each in a Republican administration and a Democratic administration — are in on a grand conspiracy no one else knows about. That’s kooky, whether you’re a “retired veteran airman” or not.

  6. Viet Nam Ground Man. says:

    This whole thing was dreamt up by Hillary Clinton, not republicans. It means nothing anyway. The morons playing this card are bumbling right into Obama’s very cleaver trap and are too dim to even realize it! It doesn’t matter who wins the next election or the next. Their strings are being pulled by the unseen real superpowers on this planet that are unseen. They must be rolling on the floor watching all of us ignorant, parochial serfs make such ado over tripe such as this!

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I have no argument with you at all on that point.

  7. JonnyGouda says:

    Until this whole birther crap started, I was unaware that no one actually checked to see if a candidate was American born. It should be in the main body of the Constitution. I suppose the writers didn’t even consider the possibility. I don’t think this should be about Barack. It should be made a law by all 50 states to clarify things. If nothing else, we needed Trump to force the issue. Nothing to lose. You either love him or hate him already.

    Hey, did you know that Windows7 does not recognize the name Barack in its dictionary?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      But Jonny, what you say is not true. There are various certifications of eligibility that must be made in the process to get a candidate on the ballot.

      1. JonnyGouda says:

        Jim, it’s come up before Obama ever ran for office, but the birthers made it out to be s national case. I’m just saying I’m glad that Trump jumped on board because he’s on of the few that could have gotten Obama to hand it over. The one thing made clear to me in the last 2.5 years is that no one can agree on what “natural born citizen” means. Perhaps Trump got the ball rolling so we can finally put the matter to rest and not have to worry that in 2020 we don’t have Mommar Qadaffi’s son running for U.S. President. I really think this whole thing was about setting a precedent designed to slowly but surely break down the Constitution’s provision that one has to be an American to be President. It looks like another state is still going to pass a proof of birth bill at some point and that state’s supreme courts will have to deal with it. GOOD! Let’s just make sure it is clearly written in stone.

        P.S. The words “birther”, “Mommar” and “Qadaffi” are not in the Windows7 dictionary. I’m not going to add Mommar or Qadaffi, but maybe I’ll allow the crazy birthers to be accepted as a word. They are certainly in of gaining back some semblance of self respect. 🙂

  8. Non-Trust says:

    Barry Soetoro continues to smile, with no fear as he continues his path of destruction. They “are” using this as a distraction, so doesn’t matter about how he got into Pakistan in ’82 or where his college papers are. Why? Because who can claim harm in a lawsuit? Not half of the counry. McCain? Hilary? Even if yes to that, courts will claim it is actually Congress, not them (accurate assumption anyone know?). If true, then only by Congress can he be removed. Since not happening, we need to crush him on the issues during next election. Who will debate with Barry aka Obama? Especially when he has rockstar like popularity with some. Meaning he can literally do anything again and a large group of Americans will blindly believe. NT

  9. Anonymous says:

    Retired airman you left out the part about sapping our precious bodily fluids.Preventing us from maintaining our purity of essence. We can’t let them have our essence, and we must not, above all, allow a mine shaft gap! Jaysus, filmed 55 years ago and still relevant.

    1. Hendrix says:

      What good is a doomsday Hawaiian birth certificate if you don’t show anyone!!??! lol

  10. theotherjimmyolson says:

    Anon above is actually Jim Olson

  11. illuminado says:

    why couldn’t that come from america, i don’t get it….

  12. Lahry says:

    There’s just something I’m not getting here. If BHO’s real name is “Barry Soetoro”, then how can it be “Obama” on the “original birth certificate”?
    Also, information on the name “Barry Soetoro” has been all but completely whitewashed off the internet. Why?

    Winslow, Az

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I don’t know what “all but” means, but this morning there are 313,000 search results on google for the name “Barry Soetoro.”

      Your first question is a good one, Larry. Given that “Obama” is indeed his name on the original birth certificate, follow the implications through to their logical consequence.

  13. Leon Davis says:

    I think this birth certificate is smoke and mirrors No one has the guts to pursue this thing in an official way The left is in charge of the democrats and the republicans are too timid. Perhaps Trump has the gall or the balls to dig in to this mess. Considering the polls He would beat Obama in the next election

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