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Americans Elect Promotes No Labels on its Home Page

Both Americans Elect and No Labels are Section 501(c)(4) corporations with intentions to promote candidates (Americans Elect at the presidential level, No Labels at the congressional level) in 2012. As 501c4 corporations, despite their plans to promote candidates for political office, neither Americans Elect nor No Labels is under legal obligation to reveal any funding sources. We must therefore look to the corporations’ behavior as an indicator of either direct contact or indirect support between the two.

In December of 2010, Americans Elect Communications Manager Nick Troiano staffed the social media desk at the official launch of No Labels. A screen capture taken of Americans Elect’s home page on the night of April 27, 2011 shows another instance in which Americans Elect is promoting No Labels, in this case through a press link:

Americans Elect Promotes No Labels, April 27 2011

Should No Labels and Americans Elect choose a path of transparency and reveal to the public the names and dollar amounts funding their corporate efforts, the American public will be able to more concretely assess the level of cooperation between the two corporations. Until then, we all will have to satisfy ourselves with little crumbs like these that fall from the tables.

One thought on “Americans Elect Promotes No Labels on its Home Page”

  1. odikhmantievich says:

    What more can you expect? For Christ’s sake, the premise behind these groups is that they won’t let silly things like beliefs and values get in the way of kowtowing to corporate overlords. Terms like ‘transparency,’ I’m sure they believe, were made for campaign rallies.

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