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To Protest Obama continuation of Bush policies, Seize DC September 10

Citizens for Legitimate Government is not calling for Americans to come to the National Mall, walk around a bit, listen to speeches and go home. They are not organizing a protest with permits arranged by the National Park Service. On September 10 2011, CLG plans to Seize DC:

We protest “peacefully,” although not passively. We do not accept marching orders. This is how we protest. For 10 years, we have witnessed the absolute formalization of protests—the seeking of permits, the placing in quarantined zones, the appropriation of ‘free speech’ and the pro forma ‘right to dissent,’ treated as a purely formal and meaningless expression. We say, enough! We need no permission to free speech or the right of assembly. We seek no one’s permission and will not have our protest cordoned off from and made irrelevant to the functioning of a murderous and tyrannical oligarchy. We will not be corralled or controlled. Our protest is a seizure of DC, by which we mean an attempt to seize the attention of the city and the nation so that its policies of seize and destroy may end.

This is a national movement to resist the Obama administration, organized from the left. Why?

Continued, Expanded War

From Bush to Obama, we have seen not a change in policies, not a reversal, not even a ‘failing’ to change course, but the exact opposite: a determined continuation, extension and increase of the very same policies. Rather than an end to imperialist wars, we have witnessed the increase in scope and the extension of war into other countries. Rather than two wars, we now have four.


Rather than policies favouring ‘Main Street’ as promised, we have witnessed the unprecedented transfer of wealth into the coffers of the banks, corporations and military contractors. We have seen record corporate profits while social misery for the working classes continues to rise, with unemployment not seen since the Great Depression and record home foreclosures. We now have austerity imposed on the vast majority while those who caused the financial crisis with wars, bailouts and corruption, pay little or no taxes and enjoy record profits.

Civil Liberties Eroded, not Restored

Instead of restoring civil liberties, we have seen their further erosion with the extension of the Patriot Act, the increase of surveillance on the web, and a declaration by the president of the right to assassinate American citizens without any legal sanction whatsoever. Indefinite detentions have not only continued under Obama, but he has also made sure that proven innocence is no cause for release.

Will you engage in nonviolent resistance to shut the city of DC down? Come September 10, will you Seize DC?

4 thoughts on “To Protest Obama continuation of Bush policies, Seize DC September 10”

  1. Tom says:

    Democracy shememocracy – this country is bullshit, start to finish: just a quick examination of our history shows what we really have always been

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Tom: this event is pretty much exactly what you’ve been calling for here, for years now! Do you think you can make it?

  2. Tom says:

    If i’m not in school (and with the budget cuts there’s a damn good chance), indeed i’ll be there (not that it’ll do much good unless millions show up and close the place down).

  3. Tom says:

    By the way, Jim – did you see this:

    Just how corrupt IS this organization? Next thing you know they’ll be sending the NSA or CIA to do “hits” for them!

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