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Disney World Made Easy and Really Easy

Budget Travel’s version of Disney World Made Easy: to avoid gigantic parking fees, park outside an overflow lot on the far end of the resort, walk ten minutes, then take a shuttle bus with a transfer to another shuttle bus to arrive at a different gate. Arrive at an obscenely early hour so you can run to the far end of the park and beat out the mob that’s rushing for appointment times for hot rides. Get as many appointment slips as you can right away so that other poor slobs won’t get them, because Disney doesn’t give out enough for everyone. Also, forget the really hot rides that everyone likes with hugely long lines and try to enjoy the less popular parts of the theme park. Look at some pretty statues. Buy tiny, overpriced Disney brand souvenirs. Still pay hundreds of bucks for one day, and stay overnight so you can do it all again the next day.

Irregular Times version of Disney World Made Easy: Um, don’t go.

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