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Fact Check: Is Barack Obama Using Jean Ludwig’s Social Security Number?

At Tea Party Brewing: A Place for Patriots, Nancy McKiernen reports the “news” breathlessly, complete with a picture of an official-looking record:

Author Nancy McKiernan of Tea Party Brewing accuses: Obama using dead man’s Social Security number

McKiernan goes on to allege that Ludwig is “presumed dead and whose death was either never reported to the SS administration or reported and deleted from the database by someone.”

Why, it’s a conspiracy!

Time for a bit of fact checking.

1. The “certificate” regarding Nancy McKiernan places on her website isn’t an official document of any kind. It’s a computer-generate souvenir made by a private group called Ellis Island Foundation which formed in 1982.

2. McKiernan reports that Barack Obama has the social security number of 042-XX-XXXX, allegedly the same social security number possessed by Jean Ludwig, “RIP 1981, Honolulu HI.” Far from being deleted by nefarious unnamed participants in some mass conspiracy, there is one and only one Social Security record for a Jean Ludwig who died in 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii. As for all deceased Americans, his record is publicly available through the Social Security Death Index and can be accessed through Rootsweb:

Social Security Death Index Record for Jean Ludwig, died in Honolulu Hawaii in 1981, indicates Social Security Number 045-26-8872

This record indicates a Social Security Number of 045-26-8872, but McKiernan alleges Barack Obama has stolen a social security number that begins with the digits 042. There is no “Jean Ludwig” who died in any year in the Social Security Death Index who has a Social Security Number beginning with 042. A search for records associated with Social Security Number 045-26-8872 in another iteration of the Social Security Death Index through the Genealogy Bank (to check against possible errors), leads us again to Jean Ludwig, dead in Honolulu Hawaii in 1981:

Genealogy Bank Record for Social Security # 045-26-8872 leads to Jean Ludwig, verifying a different social security number than the one Tea Party Brewing associates with Barack Obama

It’s verified, and what’s more, you can visit these websites to verify the information yourself. If Barack Obama has a social security number that begins with 042, as Nancy McKiernan repeatedly alleges, then he can’t have stolen it from Jean Ludwig.

I’d call Nancy McKiernan a silly goose and make light of her ridiculous accusation at this point, but there’s a nasty side to what she’s doing. After drumming up attention through her obviously false accusations, McKiernan goes on to sell shirts with “patriotic” American themes on them that are made in low-pay overseas factories associated with violations of workers’ rights, dignity and even safety. Simultaneously making money off of bald-faced lies and sweatshop labor goes far beyond tacky.

Finally, let’s zoom out beyond Nancy McKiernan’s behavior and recognize that this “story” is ricocheting all over the right-wing web. At conservative stomping grounds like Free Republic and Political Forum, on the always-interesting blog of conspiracy theorist Orly Taitz Esquire and the forum of Godlike Productions, this same story is being swallowed by an audience of people who would rather believe in a conspiracy than face verifiable facts.

12 thoughts on “Fact Check: Is Barack Obama Using Jean Ludwig’s Social Security Number?”

  1. Warren says:

    So, you haven’t told us what Obama’s real social security number is and where he obtained it.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Neither have you.

      What I have shown is that the Jean Ludwig conspiracy theory is wholly bogus.

  2. Conservative Mark says:

    No, you have shown us that you have your nose up Obama’s arse as several law suits progress forward over this very issue and his social security number does not pass an eVerify test. Admit you are the “silly goose”. On top of that, Obama had a relative in hawaii that could have obtained the stolen number as she worked in the office to do so.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      And I have a secret goose that could have laid emerald eggs.

      Got any evidence, Conservative Mark? That’s what the reality-based community is going to want.

  3. Geo says:

    It feels to me like a civic duty to enlighten people who swallow this sort of trash. I’m working hard to get over a compulsion to try because it is useless. These are people who are only open to what they want to hear and no amount of facts will enlighten them. Facts that contradict what they want to believe only seem to anger them.


  4. CD says:

    I don’t believe that President Obama “stole” a social. He was given one to use by his family, as the rest of us were. The question of whether Obama has an 042 social did catch my attention though. If he does, how did that happen? In a country where the rule of law is so important, we need to adhere to them. Birthers might be overboard in their relentless pursuits, but questions should definitely be answered to keep our system sound. I am disturbed that this issue is being so blatently discounted by so many Democrats, when truth be told, if this were about any GOP candidate or official, they would not be so accepting. That has to be a matter of personal introspection. Does it really matter so much to a Democrat that they have their guy in office at the expense of the Constitution itself? It would behoove us to put a fool-proof system in place that ensures our future presidential candidates were indeed born here, are of age, and have lived here for 14 consecutive years. It would seem a matter of national security. Think about it from that perspective, rather than an attack on Obama, and you might see my point.

  5. Jimmy L. Miracle says:

    You know you had me in your corner until you started attacking this Nancy McKiernan, who ever she is……. When you sell yourself as an unbiased propigator of the TRUTH you do not stoop to the level of those you are trying to unmask….. What you are doing smells just as bad as the one you are a unmasking… In fact I think it is worse because you have just tainted your worthyness as a source of truthfulness……. What you are doing is just like an old tomcat in a sand box…. Your effort seems to be to cover up your own crap and then convince others that your pile actually belongs to Nancy….. TRUTH speaks for itself…… You do not have to assinate the purveyor of information……. Just Jack Webb it “just the facts please”…. I am now not so trustworthy of you as a source of truth……. You seem to be doing the very thing you are accusing Nancy McKiernan and the political Right of doing…….. Shame on you …..

  6. deception says:

    If Barry Soetoro is Obama’s official right name, would they not be a recorded documented proof, on this name? This was a man who said he had slave blood, while all the time he knew he had the elite monarchical(special) bloodline and fully aware running against distant family members(McCain,Romney,Bush, and many more names). NEPOTISM
    This man swore on no lobby groups would be in the White house(lie).(Govenment Sachs & AIPAC) So why does Israel have influence over this big giant super power?
    So who does Obama serve, his Family bloodline(elite corps) or the public strangers(people)?
    Logic over emotion.

    1. Pierre says:

      When did Obama say that he has slave blood?

    2. logician from the real world says:

      And what about how Obama said he walkd on the on Apollo 26 that landed on the Moon, which was faked, becasue there wasn’t even a Apollo 26 mission. Plus he said he was going to eliminate Social Security and set up a communist dictatorship and make everyone register their gunz. Why he not do that yet?

  7. Citizen Ship says:

    Hey, let’s drop the focus on whether he’s a citizen or not. It doesn’t really matter anyway, Obama now has the power to lock himself up indefinitely without a trial.

  8. Everett says:

    It seems FACT CHECK is more left leaning than Wikipedia. How can you check the facts when obama has them all under the tightest security?? We know almost every little tidbit about all our previous presidents and vice presidents, but absolutely nothing on Barry. “It turns out you CAN fool most of the people (especially democrats) ALL THE TIME”. It’s usually common knowledge for citizens of this country to know every little tidbit about who they’re voting in as President. Taken his charisma and “the smartest on in the room” mentallity, where are Obama’s past girlfriends? Surely he had at least one? Or were they boyfriends? None has popped up anywhere at any time? He’s either paid them to shut up, had them liquidated(like Clinton’s with Vince Foster, etc.) or they just plain don’t exist. Who was the best man at his wedding? Who were his groomsmen? Isn’t it odd that no one is bragging that they knew him or taught him or lived with him or even next door? Past presidents have all released, or our Marxist commies in the media snoop around, ad nauseum, for old photos, military, health and school transcripts/documents and histories from neighbors, friends nd relatives. What has he released? Nothing – other than what was in this so-called biography! Given he is such a great orator, as claimed by the left, why doesn’t anyone in Obama’s college class remember him? No photos of him in the yearbook. At the 20th reunion of “Class of ’83 political science,pre-law”, Wayne Allen Root (verified) was asked to be speaker of the class, as no one ever heard of Barry. George Stephanopoulos, ABC News and a classmate of Obama at Columbia, class of 1984 asked of the same things during the 2008 campaign and got nothing. He never heard of him either!! Why was Obama’s law license inactivated in 2002? Why was Michelle’s law license inactivated by court order? And as for Barry’s phony Social Security #, Fact Check itself asserts……. “The “certificate” regarding Nancy McKiernan places on her website isn’t an official document of any kind. It’s a computer-generate souvenir made by a private group called Ellis Island Foundation which formed in 1982”. Well, remember Barry’s computer generated birth certificate that was proven to be photo shopped and phony by the excellent research team of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, that Fact Check and a whole lot of others are “conveniently” denying??? TO THE POINT…..unless Fact Check has some how gotten in to Barry’s tightly concealed documents, how can Fact Check know the FACTS??????. How do you spell Manchurian Candidate???

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