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Earthquakes Strike Around The Globe!

As shown by the following map, assembled using data gathered by the U.S. Geological Survey, a large number of earthquakes have taken place in places far apart in different places around the world. Is this a verification of the prediction by Christian preacher Harold Camping that the Earth would be struck today by a massive worldwide earthquake?

No, actually, it isn’t. The earthquakes today, although they took place in different places around the world, were not truly worldwide. Earthquakes today took place where they usually take place, along the ordinary fault lines. The earthquakes were quite normal in scale, too.

The biggest earthquake today was only 6.1 magnitude, not very destructive. What’s more, the earthquake struck an uninhabited archipelago, the Kermadec Islands near New Zealand.

The Kermadec Islands are almost completely uninhabited. No injuries or damage were reported there. There is no sign of a tsumani resulting from the quake… or even a coconut falling from a tree.

For the price of $3,000, you can take an eleven-day hiking and diving tour of the subtropical Kermadec Islands. Of course, if you took the advice of Harold Camping, and spent the last of your money, you’ll have some difficulty paying for the trip.

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