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The Difference Between a Crazy Christian and a Reasonable Christian

May 21 2011 has come and gone, and despite the predictions of Christian preacher Harold Camping on his nationally broadcast Family Radio programs, there has been no Judgment Day. No earthquake bigger than mankind has ever seen. No billions of dead bodies spit out of the earth and onto the ground.

Christian media outlets like The Christian Post have done their best to distance themselves from Camping and his well-funded, widely-listened-to church, distributing quotes deeming the apocalyptic prediction to be religiously “incorrect thinking,” “false teachings,” “making a side show out of biblical teaching in such an overly detailed and alarmist way that is so unhelpful.” I always thought the Book of Revelation was kind of alarmist, but I must have misread it.

At The Christian Post and elsewhere in the news, Christians are taking care to explain the difference between a Crazy Christian and a Reasonable Christian.

A Crazy Christian:

Family Radio sign declares Judgment Day: May 21 2011 when The Lord God Returns with WorldWide Earthquakes and the Ressurection and Armageddon

A Reasonable Christian:

Modified Sign from Family Radio to make it Quote-Unquote Reasonable: Judgment Day Coming Soon

Rule #1 for “Reasonable” Christianity: Never, ever make a prediction that is specific enough to be refuted.
Rule #2 for “Reasonable” Christianity: See Rule #1.

One thought on “The Difference Between a Crazy Christian and a Reasonable Christian”

  1. Hendrix says:

    Good for presidents too. No specific promises, no disappointments.

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